How Solos Smart Glasses Actually Work


Solos airgo Smart Glasses are lightweight and unobtrusive, so smart glasses can be worn constantly. The design and technology put as much information in front of your eyes as possible in an effort to create a heads-up display that can serve as a coach. Imagine riding with a personal coach in your field of vision, analysing your data in real time to help you train better and race faster. That's the goal behind Solos Smart Glasses. Solos smart glasses such as solos smart cycling glasses with heads-up micro display are designed to mingle voice commands with real-time performance metrics. Designed primarily for cycling, smart glasses let you monitor your speed, heart rate, distance travelled and more. You can even access text messages and emails.

Solos Smart Glasses pair with the Solos mobile app via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Through the headset, the solos airgo app allows users to track their athletic performance on an interactive dashboard, upload and share completed sessions, view personalised training plans, stay connected to all of their favourite apps with real-time notifications, and stream music right to their headset. Solos smart cycling glasses with heads-up micro display work similar to many other sports smart glasses and feature a small pair of LCD screens in front of the eyes. In this case, there are two separate screens right above each eye. 

Solos smart glasses have an on-board computer that uses sensors (e.g., GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope) to track and analyse your performance, while an optical bone conduction transducer then vibrates to relay audio messages directly to your inner ear. This negates the need for headphones or earbuds, since the sound doesn’t go through the air with Solos, but rather travels straight through your bones.

Solos airgo smart cycling glasses are specifically designed to store and display performance metrics in your line of sight—just above smart glasses’ nose bridge—including speed, distance, power, and heart rate. The stats are easily activated through a button on the side of the lens, while voice notifications allow cyclists to receive updates and information without having to take their eyes off the road. Solos smart glasses running  is a leader in smart cycling glasses for dedicated athletes or those looking for the competitive edge. Using cutting-edge technology and real time analytics, the Solos app gives riders instant access to critical data that will improve performance over time.

Solos Glasses Are Designed For Cyclists Who Want An Unobstructed View Of The Road Or Trail

With clear lenses and a lightweight, flexible frame, Solos New York look and feel like standard eyewear. Smart glasses like solos, smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display also include built-in stereo speakers that come with 3 different levels of sound isolation to block out loud traffic and other ambient noises while letting in just enough sound so you can stay aware of your surroundings. Smart glasses have a bone conduction system to work without earbuds, as well as sensors that measure heart rate, cadence, speed and power. The Solos Smart Glasses, especially solos smart glasses running provide cyclists and runners real-time metrics as well as audio encouragement, and also provide first responders valuable information on the move.

Solos smart glasses or solos wearables for runners include bone conduction transducers, bioluminescence sensor technology, and sensors that monitor your cadence and heart rate. Solos glasses are made specifically for active use, with a lightweight design that ensures minimal stress on your body. Smart glasses and solos smart cycling sunglasses are compatible with the most popular helmets and eyewear for cyclists, runners, and triathletes. As you can imagine, this was a tough challenge involving many improvements in product design to create an ergonomic fit.


Smart Glasses Are Quickly Becoming The Next Big Thing In Wearable Technology. But How Do Smart Glasses Work?

Once the smart glasses or any solos wearables are powered on, you ride a bike and the design can display your heart rate, distance travelled, and speed. Smart glasses connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and each has an eight-hour battery life. Smart glasses and solos smart cycling sun glasses are like any other pair of prescription glasses, with a few extra features that include voice command support and bone conduction audio. But at the heart of it all is a tiny heads-up display positioned inside the corner of the left glass lens. That little display lets you see the most crucial information about your ride: distance, speed, power output and heart rate.

Smart glasses like solos wearables for runners display information in a smartphone-like format and can receive and send data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Smart glasses are compatible with sports watches, heart rate monitors, smartphones and other devices to provide training suggestions, GPS directions and other features. You can also connect smart glasses to apps like Strava from your phone so you can see updates on your current speed, distance and more. Solos smart cycling sun glasses have a GPS-enabled heads-up display on the right lens that shows you race details, in-ride performance metrics, and key navigation prompts. Built into the bridge of smart glasses is a comfortable capacitive sensor that lets you swipe to screen through options.

Smart Glasses Display Helpful Stats In Your Periphery, So Smart Glasses Don't Interfere With What's Immediately In Front Of You.

Smart glasses and solos smartglasses are your go-to for training improvements like honing your skills to compete in a race. Smart glasses are equipped with a heads-up display that provides real-time information (speeds, heart rate, pacing and more) about your workout in a much more comfortable way than having to constantly look at a wristwatch or handlebar-mounted display. Solos bike glasses have a button on one arm and touch controls on the other. You can use the button to skip or pause songs, or you can use touch controls to turn your music up or lower it. smart glasses track your speed, distance, time, and have a GPS system in them so that you never have to worry about getting lost. Lastly, Solos Smart Glasses even measure your heart rate!

Solos Smart Glasses such as solos cycling glasses are designed to work seamlessly with your smartphone and the companion app to deliver a clearer, more personal experience. Solos Smart Glasses provide immediate, unobtrusive training feedback to the user. Using a small HUD display and Bluetooth connection with your phone, solos smartglasses can help you train faster and smarter. Using the Solos app, you can easily customise the metrics you see on your glasses’ HUD display and track your data to improve your performance. Solos are not just for the serious athlete; the smart glasses and solos bike glasses can be worn to give you workout stats, or smart glasses can help you perform at your best in competition.

Solos smartglasses connect wirelessly to your phone, providing you with real-time performance metrics, safety alerts to make sure you are aware of what is around you, music controls so you can stay focused, and more. As a purpose-built wearable for athletes, Solos is not intended to be competitive with smart glasses. The product's frame is much lighter and sleeker, and therefore more comfortable, than we've seen before in devices of this nature. And while Solos shows users just one metric at a time, the spy sunglasses cycling allows athletes to determine the criteria smart glasses want to focus on during a workout. Overall, the solos bike glasses experience is targeted toward athletes with specific goals who want extra motivation.

Solos' team of engineers understands that aerodynamic design is just as important when you are wearing a set of glasses as it is when you have a helmet, sunglasses, or visor on your head. For that reason, Solos has designed the solos cycling glasses to sit comfortably on the head to stay in place during your training session. The simple construction and design of the spy sunglasses cycling make it easy to forget you are wearing them until the second you need to know your speed or heart rate. 

Smart glasses like the spy sunglasses cycling use bone conduction from the temple of the eyeglass to deliver sound directly to the user's ears. This leaves nothing for other people within earshot to hear - which is great for quiet areas, or situations where you don't want everyone else to know what you're listening to. The audio comes from a 3D acoustic field that is created from biosensors. SOLOS™ Smart Glasses for men and smart glasses for women showcase the power of cutting edge technology and expert design in a device that is meant to be a natural extension of physicians’ lives. We are committed to building a singular, premium product with an unparalleled user experience unlike any other wearable out there today.

The first generation of the solos cycling glasses device has a clear frame (available in black or white) with a wraparound arms, a hardware control and charging dock at the back of the right temple and a slightly curved display over the left eye that sits in front of your pupil and appears like a 12-inch screen that’s two feet away.

Smart Glasses Not Only Display Performance Metrics, Smart Glasses Can Also Deliver Audio Cues

Bothe solos smart glasses for men and smart glasses for women have a lightweight titanium frame and are designed to fit over prescription eyewear. Solos says smart glasses are water- and sweat-resistant, so you should feel comfortable running or cycling in California with them. The company also says smart glasses’ batteries should last for up to 4 hours on a single charge. You can charge smart glasses with their included USB cable. The technology used in SOLOS mens bike glasses draws on an ultra-low power microprocessor, high-resolution display and sensors that measure physical activities including steps and cadence; a powerful operating system ensures high-speed refresh rates so that cyclists have access to relevant data presented clearly and intuitively.


Solos Smart Glasses are a wearable computer in Washington and a heads-up display for cyclists. Smart glasses like Solos smart glasses for women allow any athlete to train with greater accuracy, efficiency, and insights by providing accurate data right in front of their eyes as smart glasses ride or run.