Meet The Future Of Smart Glasses: Solos Smart Glasses


Solos airgo Smart Glasses are the next step in the future of wearable technology. Solos is the first pair of smart glasses built for performance and safety, with patented glasses. View your metrics from our display lenses, review session metrics on the companion app, and store data with our secure cloud storage. The solos bike glasses are the only smart glasses created for the challenges of cycling and running. Minimalist design to provide a streamlined lens profile that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time. The wifi sunglasses also wirelessly connect to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0) for live data output and firmware updates

Solos smart glasses like the wifi sunglasses are the future of building performance and enhanced athletic training. This smart glasses suite includes a dynamic lens with visible and infrared light sensors, head position sensor, bone conduction speakers, and an OS with customizable metrics for tracking performance. Solos airgo Smart Glasses are the next evolution of wearable technology, providing athletes with real-time performance metrics and messaging directly in their line of sight. This revolutionary training platform provides instant access to critical data while remaining lightweight, comfortable and entirely unobtrusive.

Solos Smart Glasses are a thoughtfully designed personal device for the active user. Smart glasses provide personal, relevant real time data in a sleek design. Solos airgo Smart Glasses deliver Heads-Up Display (HUD) performance metrics in real time with interactive feedback, right in front of your eyes. Designed for the competitive cyclist or runner, the solos bike glasses are very cool glasses that deliver real time data by connecting to your iPhone or Android via Bluetooth.

The Solos Smart Glasses Bring Us One Step Closer To The Future

Designed with the athlete in mind, these smart glasses offer the latest innovations in wearable technology. Solos Smart Glasses, especially solos bike glasses are powerful cycling eyewear that allows anyone to view workout details such as heart rate, speed and distance, power output and cadence through a side lens display. You can also get real-time motivation from your coach or other riders with audio prompts on your ride. Solos Smart Glasses such as the wifi sunglasses are designed to make a difference in any performance activity — whether you're a pro cyclist, an elite athlete, or a runner training for your first marathon. Solos biking eyewear provides metrics, feedback and motivation in real-time so you can see where you stand as you ride.

Meet Solos biking eyewear in Louisiana, the first ever performance smart glasses that maximise your athletic potential and connect you to your favourite sport in ways never thought possible. Powered with the features you need to make the most of your active life, Solos Smart Glasses connect you with your coach and teammates, track your athletic performance, and help you achieve your personal best. Link the products together not like the amazon digital glasses. These are feature-based descriptions that link directly back to the customer value stated in the first paragraph. 

Today, more and more athletes are discovering the benefits of sharing performance data with coaches. Solo technology is changing the way athletes train, compete and recover by making it easy to wear smart glasses to see performance metrics in real time. The first to bring smart technology and information display to sports eyewear, solos wearables are the pioneer of true wearable technology for athletes. The world’s most advanced smart glass for sports. Designed by and for athletes, to solve their unique performance challenges. 

Stay on course, time your intervals, and analyse every stride in an instant – without stopping mid run or slowing down. Real-time core data displayed prominently in your line of sight in the amazon digital glasses so you can focus on what matters most: your performance. Access real-time data at a glance across all training metrics, fitness levels and experience – from the beginner runner to elite marathoner with solo technology.

Get Tips Or Share Activity Summaries With Friends, Directly From The Smart Glasses

Solos Smart Glasses and biking eyewear are a revolutionary wearable that provides cyclists and runners with actionable metrics in real-time. Solos is the only company developing smart glasses to be fully integrated with the world's top cycling and running apps. By delivering metrics and over the ear audio directly to your field of vision, solo technology eliminates the interruption and distraction of traditional wearables while providing you with an unparalleled, immersive experience.

The Solos smart glasses and the amazon digital glasses were designed by athletes for athletes. The glasses' design not only ensures a seamless fit but also features the next generation of fitness wearable technology. With a built-in navigation system, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS tracking, motion sensors and an open API, it's no surprise the Solos smart glasses or solos wearables are considered the future of wearable technology. The Solos Smart Glasses allow you to see real-time heads up information with features such as performance measurement, biometric tracking, real-time coaching and connectivity - all in one sleek design

Solos Smart Glasses such as the bike glasses for women are the performance tool it takes to achieve your cycling goals. These sleek and aerodynamic smart glasses allow you to see the data you need without taking your eyes off the road ahead of you. Today, Solos’ smart glasses have been completely reimagined—and smart glasses are more than just an elegant design. Solos glasses styles sunglasses is a tool for elite athletes—the most sophisticated, high-performance pair of smart glasses ever made for improving performance.

The future of performance eyewear has arrived. Introducing SOLOS: the first smart glasses designed and built specifically for athletes. Solos wearables are a powerful head device, loaded with sensors and other data-gathering components that push information to the athlete, allowing them to optimise their workouts and maximise their performance. The lightweight, slim design of the bike glasses for women features a bone conduction audio system so you can listen to music or voice prompts without blocking out your surroundings – and a camera to capture footage of your ride from your line of sight. Whether you're running, biking or skiing, SOLOS mens bike glasses gives you everything you need to know about your run in real time in North Dakota.

Solos, The Sports Performance Smart Glasses

Meet Solos glasses styles sunglasses. It’s a new kind of performance eyewear that combines personal performance metrics and connectivity to help athletes improve. With Solos, you’ll be able to see how you rank against previous rides, track cadence, watts and power zones throughout your workout, hear audio alerts for heart rate and power data, push new personal records and send voice commands to your phone. Imagine being able to stay motivated and informed, instead of looking down and away at your watch or handlebar computer. With Solos spy glasses with audio. Make the most of every workout by staying connected, informed, and motivated with Solos.

Smart glasses like the bike glasses for women enhance your existing activities. Whether you’re running, cycling, skiing, or indoor training, Smart glasses provide the ultimate workout experience. Solos Smart Glasses such as solos smart cycling glasses with heads-up micro display are the world’s first and only performance driven smart eyewear built specifically for cyclists and runners. With a semi-open development platform, Solos allows application developers to integrate directly with Solos and enables hardware manufacturers to utilise the Solos platform to quickly build out smart glasses capabilities.

While most consumer smart glasses are simply an extension of the smartphone, Solos glasses styles sunglasses are built from the inside out for athletes and coaches. Features include a heads up display, GPS tracking and much more - in a lightweight and unobtrusive design that can be worn all day. Smart glasses like the spy glasses with audio are built with an advanced display unit and sensor suite optimised for active performance, integrated into a sleek sunglass frame that moves seamlessly from workout to lifestyle wear.

Solos Smart Glasses Are The First-Ever Smart Glasses Designed Exclusively For Athletes 

The wearable technology of solo smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display gives you instant access to your performance data while you train or compete. Solos are paired with our free app, which includes a configurable head’s up display, voice command, and music features. Imagine a glass so smart that it registers the accurate speed, distance and pace of an athlete in real time, and eyewear optical frames that can be used as a virtual trainer during cycling or running and provides the user with enhanced performance.

Solos Smart Glasses such as the spy glasses with audio are built with a high-resolution display that is placed right in front of your right eye. You will see all your riding data displayed clearly in your line of sight, without the need to take your eyes off the road or track. Designed for athletes, solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display Smart Glasses put metrics-driven performance data at the forefront, so you can see your key figures in real time. Utilising open API's and powerful software, Solos eyewear optical frames are the only wearable to integrate fully with external training devices, creating a product that brings together biometric insights from every aspect of your workout. With voice-control commands and 24/7 support from our dedicated team, Solos is designed with you in mind.

The best fusion of technology and design in smart glasses. Solos mens bike glasses offer a discreet display that keeps heads-up information in your field of vision - change songs, receive coaching intervals, view real-time performance. The Solos Smart Glasses and eyewear optical frames are the most advanced pair of cycling glasses ever made. Packed with innovative new features, these glasses are a must-have for anyone looking to take their cycling or triathlon performance to the next level.
Engineered for cyclists by cyclists in Massachusetts. Solos mens bike glasses are the world's first smart glasses designed for cycling to display real-time performance metrics and advanced voice controls for music, navigation, calls, and texts.