Smart Glasses Are Now Designed For Everyday Use


Solos Smart glasses and the android wear glasses are now designed for everyday use, with a sleek, lightweight frame and prescription-ready lenses. Developed around the technology that helps the blind see, developed by Solos smart glasses are now designed for everyday use. The lightweight, stylish eyeglasses optical frames encourage daily wear without being intrusive. You can quickly glance at your email, browse the web, or check the weather and they are all WiFi connected with many other functions. New smart glasses with solo technology are here for everyday use. Features include 1-day battery life, Bluetooth compatibility, Real-time GPS, Alexa enabled, and more.

Everyday use of smart glasses like solos wearables is finally here with the Vaunt, an affordable pair of smart glasses with laser display, custom optics, and built-in compass technology. All this without the bulk and without compromising on our signature style.

Smart Glasses Are Good For Everyday Use

Solo technology was designed to augment your vision in the best way possible. You’ll experience smart glasses that are Massachusetts fashionable and very lightweight. Smart glasses or the eyeglasses optical frames will give you instant access to information and allow you to share moments by just looking at things. With advanced technology and an elegant design, combined with experience in smart glasses, the solos one smart glasses are a comfortable, lightweight, and practical solution that many have dreamed of.

When you look through smart glasses like the android wear glasses, a video screen displays the view from your phone's camera. With solos one you can capture images and videos to share and remember later. Whether you’re getting directions, listening to music, making a phone call, or asking for recommendations, the Google Assistant is there for you. Smart Glasses are now designed for everyday use. Perfected over decades of research and development, and proven by millions of users, a truly smart pair of the eyeglasses optical frames has become a reality.

Smart Glasses Are Now Designed For Everyday Use

This edition comes with two distinct frame styles and a number of colored lenses. The classic look of solos one frames are complemented by cutting-edge solo technology and fit comfortably on any face. Designed as a stylish pair of glasses, smart glasses feature prescription lenses and provide an immersive experience without blocking your view. Whether you are getting directions, ordering dinner or simply learning more about your surroundings, solos wearables and smart glasses are ready for your day.

Smart Glasses are here. The android wear glasses not only protect your eyes in style, but also let you take advantage of hands-free information, calls and music. Simply connect with Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi to move freely throughout your day as you stay connected. On board sensors identify and connect with the places and things you pass every day. Use a swipe of your finger to like, bookmark, or share the real world with friends. The solos wearables have a highly functional touchpad that lets you interact with your smartphone when it's in your pocket, purse, or backpack. Stay connected even when you want to be hands-free.

Upgrade your eyewear experience with smart glasses such as solos smart glasses running that bring you closer to the digital world without needing a smartphone. With everyday frames, enhanced optics, and hands-free controls, the solos smart cycling sun glasses deliver a no-compromise solution. Everyday-ready Nevada glasses that digitally connect you to the information, insights, and experiences you rely on. Stay in the know while you're on the go with effortlessly shared notifications and access to a voice assistant. It's connectivity in a style that suits you.

Discuss important details with your client using the sleek and stylish Smart Glasses. Featuring a red laser pointer to highlight key points during a presentation, you'll be the most confident speaker in the room. The integrated microphone in solos smart cycling sunglasses allows you to record all audio while displaying 8GB of storage space directly onto the smart glasses' frames. For the person who needs daily assistance, our smart glasses and solos smart glasses running are intended to help the visually impaired live more independent lives. They provide independence without sacrificing connection, letting you stay engaged and taking life by the horns.

Solos Smart Glasses Are Now Designed For Everyday Use

The wide field of view and stereo speakers, combined with a built-in camera, microphone and NFC, allow you to immerse yourself in your virtual surroundings. Smart Glasses like solos smart cycling sun glasses, now designed for everyday use. The design of solos airgo comes with touchpad control, a sleek design that fits comfortably, and easy access to apps, with features such as: A touchpad on the top of the frame makes up/down swipes feel effortless, so accessing your information is as easy as pressing your finger to your temple.

Our most wearable smart glasses to date. Designed for work, play and everyday use, these smart glasses are available in prescription, non-prescription, and polarised lenses. Take advantage of the latest technologies at home, in your workspace, while travelling, and on-the-go with the solos airgo smart glasses. The lighter, brighter glasses bring your digital content to your eyes using a micro projector built into the glass temple of solo smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display so you can view photos and videos from your smartphone or use them for work. Our technological future has arrived.

Lightweight and stylish, smart glasses will make your life easier. The solos smart glasses running come equipped with sensors to allow you to read text or email, check the weather, track your fitness and more. You won't miss a beat when wearing these Pennsylvania smart eyeglasses. Helpful voice assistant for your everyday needs, hands-free computing in augmented and mixed reality, with help from Alexa. The ultra lightweight, stylish smart glasses designed for everyday use. In Smart Glasses like solos airgo, you can use different software to access the functions that make your life easier.


Smart Glasses like solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display are wearable devices that are designed to look like a normal pair of glasses, just adding an extra power of computing to you every day. The product has a square form factor with two silver hinges for the frame. The inside of tech glasses frames have room for the sensors, battery and the display unit. Value proposition is the ability to be able to work on hands free devices. The smart glasses like solos bike glasses are perfect for our everyday use. A state-of-art of technology, with a set of well thought out features and design, which will make your life easier and also impress your friends and colleagues!

Sleek And Streamlined, Smart Glasses Are Designed To Enhance Your Real-World Experience With Solos Smart Glasses

This pair of smart glasses comes with a stylish titanium frame and polarised lenses. The lightweight nature of the glasses makes them comfortable to wear all day. Smart glasses like solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display are a wearable computer that uses augmented reality technology to provide hands-free computing. Looking for a high-tech pair of glasses to help you see the big picture? Look no further than our smart glasses, equipped with a high resolution camera that provides detailed images, it's perfect for all light conditions. With one glance at the camera of solos bike glasses, you'll be able to see things clearly and operate hands free.

First, we wanted to create a product for those who need it most. As our main target user, the easily accessible probe arms of tech glasses frames are the perfect solution for vision-impaired individuals. Second, we wanted to bridge the gap between smart glasses and normal glasses. We want everyone who wears glasses to feel comfortable wearing our solos cycling glasses as well. Lastly, we wanted to accommodate a universal design. Whether you are looking at a menu or reading a book on the beach, our stylish and versatile design will help you navigate your daily life.

A Device That Looks And Works Like A Normal Pair Of Smart Glasses 

A sleek clip-on camera and sensors constantly monitor the world in front of you, turning all that data into practical, real-time information for you. Features of solos bike glasses include Gesture control and Augmented reality overlay. Sleek lines, matte-black finish and a touch more style. Features of tech glasses frames include: A new, lightweight design, smudge resistant lenses, Bluetooth capability to sync with your devices and premium design made with durable materials.

Smart Glasses like solos cycling glasses are now designed for everyday use. The running aviator sunglasses feature a camera, tiny display and touchpad to help you stay in touch, get directions and access information when you need it most. So you can take them just about anywhere. The spy sunglasses cycling and Solos smart glasses are designed to be lightweight and very comfortable to wear. They weigh a little more than your average sunglasses so you can barely notice the weight difference. This new design of wifi sunglasses protects the display from the elements and improves visibility for those who need prescription lenses without compromising style.

This is where it all began. Smart glasses are now designed for everyday use. Wear the original, connected smart glasses to take care of your screens and keep track of your life. Optimised for everyday use, solos cycling glasses or polarised smart glasses are a stylish accessory that dramatically improve vision and provide protection from harmful blue light. Smart Glasses are the world’s first hands-free, voice-controlled smart glasses that let you live and work smarter. The spy sunglasses cycling capture videos discreetly and send them to a smartphone, control your devices through hands-free commands, and even keep you connected with what matters most by letting you see notifications and reminders.

Finally, a pair of smart glasses that works as hard as it plays. Featuring a lightweight aluminium frame and enterprise-grade durability, you’ll want to wear our smart glasses and wifi sunglasses everywhere. Bring smart glasses into your life with the Taclim. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, this HMD and glove controller bundle provides a mix of virtual environment and augmented reality in one handy kit. With the running aviator sunglasses you can explore virtual worlds while still being able to see the real world around you.


Our spy sunglasses cycling use patented eye tracking, head tracking and computer vision technology to create a world where you can control your surroundings with your mind, eyes, and head.