Smart Glasses | How Solos Smart Glasses Make Wearable Technology Awesome


Become part of the smart glasses future of Texas wearable technology. Exclusive to Indiegogo, Solos Smart Glasses are ultra lightweight biking eyewear with a sleek design, and utilise heads-up display (HUD) technology to deliver performance metrics that help you achieve your goals. In addition, Solos Smart Glasses have the spy sunglasses review Bluetooth connectivity, so you can sync it with your phone to access GPS maps and music control at any time.

Solos Smart Glasses is a smart glasses, the first pair of spy sunglasses reviewed smart glasses to be built with the smart glasses serious sports enthusiast in mind. Our patented Head-Up Display technology is proven to improve performance by solos glasses review reducing response time and increasing accuracy. This Maryland revolutionary wearable biking eyewear technology contains advanced metrics, sensor data, and GPS all right at your fingertips without having to take your eyes off the smart glasses road or off the smart glasses track.

Wearable Tech: Solos Smart Glasses

Welcome to the smart glasses future of wearable solos glasses review technology. The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses give athletes the edge they need to perform at their best, with displayed spy sunglasses review metrics and voice-activated feedback from personal trainers and followers on social media. It's a whole new way to experience cycling, running, training and competing.

Solos Smart Glasses are the smart glasses world’s most advanced and effective heads-up display (HUD) for cyclists. They are the smart glasses most solos glasses review: comprehensive, performance-enhancing sports eyewear available, turning passionate cyclists into faster, smarter biking eyewear athletes by helping them see more of what matters. Solos Smart Glasses feature a heads-up display that shows all the smart glasses key performance spy sunglasses review metrics right in your field of vision so you can ride further and faster, with less effort.

Solos Smart Glasses make athletes faster, stronger, and smarter. A heads-up display on their vision can provide critical spy sunglasses review with performance data that pushes them to train harder and makes them better. From the smart glasses solos glasses review lab to the smart glasses field and everywhere in between, Solos has you covered.

The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses put cutting-edge biking eyewear technology on your face. the smart glasses Solos app, along with the smart glasses. Solos smart glasses have built-in GPS, displaying key spy sunglasses review with metrics like heart rate, power output, and speed right in front of you — so you know exactly how you’re doing while you ride. You can also listen to solos glasses , review music and take calls while you ride while still being able to hear what’s going on around you.

Why Solos Smart Glasses Are the smart glasses Most Functional Wearable Technology

Part glasses, part spy sunglasses review fitness tracker, the smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses is everything you need to elevate your performance to the next level, and then some. With smart notifications, an integrated solos glasses review fitness tracker, and motion sensor for hand-free biking eyewear control, this all-in-one headwear will revolutionise your training routine.

Unlike most wearable Maine solos glasses review technology, Solos isn't distracting. It keeps you focused on what's important: performing your best. The smart glasses HUD provides real-time data straight from your phone or compatible spy sunglasses review fitness device, displayed in a natural biking eyewear and organic way so it never gets in the smart glasses' way of your focus.


Meet Solo, the smart glasses first smart eyewear built specifically for athletes to help them maximise results, on and off the smart glasses field. With spy sunglasses review Solos biking eyewear you have easy access to the smart glasses advanced data that matters most—right in your line of sight—allowing you to train with greater efficiency and stay motivated to reach your goals.

Solos leaves technology in the smart glasses background, where it should be. Like a running coach in your living room, Solos spy sunglasses review is built for athletes. With Solos, you get top-notch training metrics in a pair of comfortable biking eyewear glasses that you’ll barely notice are there.

Thanks to the smart glasses solos smart athletic platform, today - you are coached by Solos. Wear your solos spy sunglasses review glasses when you train and compete, in any sport, anywhere. For every workout or competition, solos glasses review analyzes your performance data in real time and provides instant biking eyewear feedback. The smart glasses companion app tracks your progress and keeps a history for you. You now have the smart glasses tools to face any challenge.

How Solos Smart Glasses Reduce Workplace Distractions And Increase Productivity

Once you’re equipped with Solos, the smart glasses possibilities are endless. The smart glasses' sleek, lightweight spy sunglasses review design and comfort made possible by Solos polarised lenses are matched by the smart glasses' analytics tools that provide performance biking eyewear data on demand. With a few taps of your solos glasses review with your finger on the smart glasses temple, see your speed, cadence, distance, and much more.

In this video, we discuss how the smart glasses features and functions of our Smart Glasses make Solos an awesome spy sunglasses review wearable solos glasses review  technology. We look at the sleek design of our glasses as well as what goes on inside the smart glasses temple in order to make Solos tick.

Solos Smart Cycling glasses offer a sleek, aerodynamic design while providing the smart glasses functionality of wearable solos glasses review technology. Integrated with ergonomically designed side control buttons, Solos allow users to toggle through displays on the smart glasses right lens during one’s cycling spy sunglasses review experience. In the smart glasses centre of the right control button is a biking eyewear multichromatic LED light that communicates information quickly and at a glance, and is not visible to others or impeding during use.

Solos glasses are unlike any other wearable solos glasses review you've ever experienced. We took the smart glasses benefits of wearable technology (connected information and data) and created an entirely new user experience that is spy sunglasses review non-obstructive, enabling athletes to maintain access to their performance data in real-time, hands-free and without distraction.

Solos Smart Glasses Turn Wearables From A Dud Into A Smart Buy

Solos provides the smart glasses dash you need to maximise and track your performance. Think about every mile or kilometre—every stretch of road and byway—as an arena for victory. With Solos, any spy sunglasses review athletes at any level can be their own coach, find out what works best for them, and improve with each outing. The biking eyewear Smart Glasses are a wearable display that rests comfortably on the bridge of the smart glasses nose. 

High-resolution optics provide a sharp, clear view of Solos’s floating  spy sunglasses review transparent display. All device biking eyewear functions are controlled through simple taps and swipes on the smart glasses side of the smart glasses frame using our custom touchpad. 

Solos smart glasses are the most advanced pair of smart glasses for athletes. Track your performance in real time with metrics like spy sunglasses review cadence, speed, distance, and more. Receive audio coaching on the smart glasses fly, while enjoying an unobstructed view of the smart glasses race ahead. Wearable biking eyewear technology is awesome. We want to make sure everyone experiences it.

How Smart Glasses Make Wearable Technology Awesome

In one glance see key performance metrics like speed, power, heart rate and cadence. See how you stack biking eyewear up in real time against your peers or personal records with the smart glasses' innovative racing line feature. Solos also offers a distinctive spy sunglasses review community library of structured programs designed to help you reach your goals. Set pace, zone and workout alerts right from your glasses to keep you on the right path.

Produced in collaboration with the smart glasses world's best spy sunglasses review cycling teams, these smart glasses make on-the-bike training and racing more enjoyable than ever before. Get real time biking eyewear metrics, maps, timers, power zones, and more right in front of your eyes. Solos are your personal cycling coach. Track your metrics, set goals, and push yourself to the next level. Solos Smart Glasses make wearable technology awesome. 

A Look Into Solos Smart Glasses

Road cyclists, triathletes and runners who train with power know that to improve, they must smash their biking eyewear week. With the smart spy sunglasses review glasses, Solos smart glasses, athletes can rely on real-time data feedback to achieve those goals. But how exactly do Solos make wearable tech awesome?

We were tired of bulky, ugly, and expensive wearable biking eyewear technology. So we designed Solos spy sunglasses review from the smart glasses ground up to be the smart glasses best glasses for folks who love to be active. Here’s how.

Introducing Solos spy sunglasses review Smart Glasses. Manage calls, texts and music while exercising. Stay in touch with family/friends via voice or pre-determined quick messages. Pair Solos with sensor devices such as biking eyewear heart rate monitors to improve your workouts. Voice activation allows you to do more in less time, minimising distractions during exercise.


The smart glasses biking eyewear Solos Smart Glasses are the spy sunglasses review smart glasses first product of its kind to unify the smart glasses safety and performance features needed in sports with a seamless interface and voice-activation. With Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, real-time proprietary audio coaching, and waterproof design, the smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses allow athletes to completely focus on their performance.