Smart Glasses | Solos Smart Glass: The Wearable Computer For Your Vision


The Solos Smart Glasses such as the solos airgo is a new wearable computer that is intended for athletes to help them track their performance. Solos smart cycling sun glasses are one of the most advanced units of their kind, and it's now available for pre-order. This post will take a closer look at this product, its features, and its price point.

Superior Performance Tracking

The solos airgo Smart Glasses are designed to help cyclists and runners reach peak performance. Solos smart cycling sun glasses use built-in sensors to track a number of different metrics. It can measure cadence, speed, distance travelled, and heart rate. All of this information can be used to help athletes define new goals or simply improve their existing routines. 

Users of solos smart cycling sun glasses can check out their performance stats in real-time while they are exercising via a built-in heads-up display. To keep an eye on their stats, all they have to do is glance down at the upper right corner of their field of view. While the product is primarily geared toward cycling enthusiasts, The solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display can also be used by runners or triathletes who want to get feedback on their performance as they go through their training routine.

Voice Activation Capabilities

Users can control the Solos Smart Glasses such as solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display using voice commands. Solos airgo Smart Glasses come packed with features that give you the information you need to perform your best. Alongside the Solos App, you can effortlessly track your ride and what matters to you most with these intuitive features:

  • Real-Time Ride Metrics: With solos bike glasses you can see your ride metrics like speed, distance, power, cadence, and heart rate right in your line of sight.
  • Smart Alerts: With the sport bike glasses you can set performance goals and receive alerts when you reach those targets. For example, set a speed or distance goal and get an alert when you’ve reached it.
  • Set Targets: With the mens bike glasses you can set rider-specific performance goals so you can always aim to improve your ride during training and racing.
  • Post-Ride Data Review: With the bike glasses cycling you can review all of your ride data easily in the Solos App after each ride to analyse and understand how you performed.

Solos bike glasses are smart glasses designed for cyclists, runners, and triathletes. This smart glasses' built-in display provides real-time performance metrics to serve athletes in training, racing, and daily life like the ones in the sport bike glasses. Solos Smart Glasses has an 8 GB memory so that you can store music and videos. Solos mens bike glasses also come with a 1.5-inch display as well as a touch panel on the right temple which acts as a button to control the device and adjust audio volume. Solos come in two versions: Solos Standard Edition and Solos Professional Edition such as the bike glasses cycling, both are compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Smart Glasses Are One Of The Most Powerful Emerging Technologies 

The solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display can be used to integrate information, entertainment, and communication into everyday life. As wearable computers, the solos bike glasses are in a unique position to seamlessly connect people with their environment, enhancing their experience and enabling them to accomplish tasks in new and more efficient ways using Solos mens bike glasses. Smart glasses such as sport bike glasses are still a relatively new concept. While some companies have tried and failed to produce wearable eyewear such as the bike glasses cycling that can be used for day-to-day tasks, most have been unable to deliver technology that truly enhances the quality of life.

Solos Brand Is A Different Kind Of Smart Glasses 

Designed specifically for cyclists and runners, the Solos Smart Glasses such as the biking eyewear comes with all the features a fitness fan could want, including

  • The running aviator sunglasses have a heads-up display that shows all your stats without blocking your field of view, including speed, distance travelled, heart rate, and calories burned
  • The running eyewear give you the ability to control music playback
  • The optical frames sunglasses have real-time audio coaching from athletes like Michael Johnson, who will help you achieve your goals and push yourself even harder
  • The online aviator sunglasses Integration with an app and social networks so you can compare your performance to others
  • Rechargeable batteries of the modular eyeglasses last up to seven hours at a time

Solos smart glasses such as the biking eyewear may not be the first pair of smart glasses we've seen, but the running aviator sunglasses are certainly the most impressive. After seven years in the making, smart glasses such as running eyewear smart glasses are now ready for public consumption, as evidenced by their Kickstarter campaign. These smart glasses such as the bike glasses for women could revolutionise cycling and running forever. 

Solos Brand

Solos smart glasses such as the running aviator sunglasses are wearable computers for your vision, designed with cyclists and runners in mind. A pair of smart glasses such as the optical frames sunglasses brings together all the important metrics from your phone, heart rate monitor, or bike sensor into one place, the high tech eyeglasses help provide real-time performance feedback so you can make the right decisions at the right time to improve your performance.


Each pair of Solos smart glasses such as the biking eyewear is built with an HD display that provides a full range of heads-up information directly in front of you so you don't have to look down at your phone or bike computer. The running smart glasses help you focus on what's going on around you while still being able to see all the information you need for peak performance.

Solos Smart Glasses Is The Latest Gadget To Hit The Market

These small smart glasses such as the running eyewear fit over the top of your normal smart glasses, and the bike glasses for women have a computer attached to the front that allows you to monitor your progress as you cycle, run or do any other exercise. Smart glasses such as optical frames sunglasses are connected to an app, which can be downloaded onto your smartphone. The online aviator sunglasses allow you to see all of the information that is being recorded by the smart glasses. You can also set new goals for yourself using the app, and change up any of your settings. The app also allows you to see how far away you are from achieving your new goal.

Solos smart glasses such as the bike glasses for women is a brand new product from Solos Wearables, which are the first smart glasses designed for cyclists. The running smart glasses are the first wearable device and computer-created specifically for athletes. The device of the online aviator sunglasses allows users to see real-time performance metrics while they train and compete. 

This seemingly simple function of these modular eyeglasses could be a game-changer in cycling, where competition is fierce and every second counts. Smart glasses such as the glasses optical frames are completely transparent and weigh only 50g. They have a sleek look, with a curved frame that fits snugly on the head. The arms of the smart glasses such as the glasses styles sunglasses have tiny earbuds that provide audio feedback so you can hear your performance metrics as well as see them.

Solos New Design

Solos have partnered with Amazon Alexa to make sure smart glasses such as the running smart glasses are hands-free and run-activated. Smart glasses such as modular eyeglasses will be able to connect to any Bluetooth device, including heart rate monitors, power metres, and other devices cyclists use to track their performance data. In fact, this is what makes the Solos smart glasses so impressive: you can use these glasses optical frames as a standalone app, or you can pair these glasses styles sunglasses with an Apple Watch to get even more data on your performance. The smart glasses have an "open API" that lets users integrate it with whatever workout monitoring system they want (at least if it's compatible).

These new smart glasses and the glasses optical frames are designed for athletes and sports enthusiasts that want to monitor their performance at all times. The glasses styles sunglasses feature a high-tech sensor that records and analyses data in real-time. Those for women sunglasses also provide visual feedback on the lenses of the smart glasses so that users can see how they are doing while they train. The company has created a unique program called "Solos Coach" which uses machine learning technology to improve performance by providing personalised tips and advice based on user data while using the eyewear sport.

The Solos smart glasses and those for women sunglasses are wearable computers that measure your pulse rate, heart rate variability (HRV), cadence, power output, speed, and distance travelled. Those eyewear sport designs also have GPS tracking so you can see where you've been during workouts. The device of eyeglasses optical frames comes with an app for iOS devices that allows users to connect their Apple Watch or other fitness tracking device. The app will then share data between these devices automatically without requiring any input.

Solos Smart Glasses

The lightest, most advanced smart glasses for cyclists who demand performance like those for women sunglasses designs. Solos eyewear sport is the first pair of smart glasses designed specifically for athletes. The eyeglasses optical frames are a full-service wearable computer with a heads-up display optimised for an active lifestyle. Solos give you the right performance metrics in real-time to help you train and race at your best,  unlike the cheap bone conduction glasses. By focusing on what matters most—your performance—Solos is the perfect addition to any athlete’s training regimen.

About Solos

Solos is a smart glasses company that is focused on optimising the performance of cyclists. With this focus in mind, Solos has created smart eyewear technology and eyeglasses optical frames that can deliver real-time metrics to cyclists and ultimately improve their performance. They have developed this technology to suit different types of cyclists with different preferences and needs, unlike the cheap bone conduction glasses. Solos is a subsidiary of Pivothead, which has been providing consumers with wearable technology since 2009 like the best wayfarer glasses. Solos’ sister company, Pivothead, creates products such as solos one sunglasses, goggles, and eyewear that feature built-in cameras.


The company is made up of industry experts who have worked for various companies in the past including Google, Motorola, and Apple. The
high tech eyeglasses companies have proven to be successful within the tech industry, the best wayfarer glasses, and have shaped the team members at Solos into well-rounded professionals. Solos Wearables is a company focusing on making the right kind of solos one smart glasses for athletic performance. Solos is headquartered in Maryland, but also has a location in Minnesota and Illinois.Solos
is a U.S.-based company focused on developing the world's best smart eyewear and performance training tools, unlike the cheap bone conduction glasses. We are driven by the belief that we can help athletes reach their full potential through technology. The Solos team is composed of engineers and designers with decades of experience in solos one wearable technology, sports performance, and industrial design. We are committed to delivering products such as the best wayfarer glasses that will truly make a difference in how athletes train.