Smart Glasses | The Solos Smart Glasses Make The Perfect Holiday Gift


The smart glasses Solos high tech eyeglasses Smart Glasses are the perfect holiday gift for serious athletes. Designed after years of research and development, these smart glasses combine the smart glasses best of bike glasses for women wearable tech and offer athletes a “data-driven” running aviator sunglasses experience that helps provide real-time feedback.

The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses are perfect running aviator sunglasses for holiday gift giving. They are a sure way to make you look cool and aid you in your fitness goals at the same time. Our Solos bike glasses for women Smart Glasses Are Getting a Whole Lot Smarter. Pre-Order Yours Now to Save on Premium Updates.

Solos Smart Glasses Could Be The Most Exciting Reveal At CES

Give the smart glasses gift of a New York Solos Smart Glasses, smart glasses that enhance athletic performance. The smart glasses Solos running aviator sunglasses provide smart glasses personalised feedback on your real-time metrics and keep you stay connected on your daily workout through bike glasses for women voice coaching.

Perfect for runners and running aviator sunglasses cyclists, Solos Smart Glasses overlay data on your field of view so that you can easily see metrics at a glance. The smart glasses' unobtrusive specs are optimised for sports performance, offering real-time feedback to help you reach your peak performance. Equipped with bike glasses for women smart technology, the smart glasses Solos glasses sync up to high tech eyeglasses, Bluetooth devices such as heart rate monitors, GPS tracking services and other compatible devices. The smart glasses' smart optic design allows you to focus on what's most important: performance.

Solo Smart Glasses Why They're The Perfect Holiday Gift

With Solos Smart Glasses, you can connect with athletes, coaches and friends in real time as they train. Designed specifically for running aviator sunglasses cyclists and runners with optically correct bike glasses for women prescription lenses and an ergonomic fit. Train in a connected world with Solos Smart Glasses to help get you where you want to be.

Solos are smart glasses, the world’s lightest bike glasses for women and most advanced smart glasses, specifically designed for sports performance. Solos Maryland features a heads-up display that shows relevant, real-time training metrics to maximise efficiency and reach your athletic goals. Designed to fit seamlessly into your running aviator sunglasses workout routine, they provide a balance between design and comfort to create a truly immersive experience.

You've got better things to do than stare at your phone all day. Leave checking messages and directions to Solos, the smart glasses smart eyewear that keeps you informed every step of the way. Cycling or running aviator sunglasses? Choose from a full line of metrics from speed and HR zones, to pace and distance. Pushing harder or reaching for peak performance? Solos bike glasses for women provide real-time coaching and feedback on your power output, training load, O2, and burn rate so you can push the smart glasses limit with confidence. Add the high tech eyeglasses sensor for even more metrics that matter. 

The Solo Smart Glasses Provide An Immersive  Experience

A wearable device that goes beyond counting steps, calories and sleep. Solos are the first smart glasses made specifically for running aviator sunglasses cyclists. Packed with features including , GPS, Performance Metrics, Data Analytics and Rider-to-Rider Connectivity for the bike glasses for women, smart glasses are the ultimate in coaching capabilities. Solos gives you personalised fitness goals and real time feedback to improve your performance in a sleek, lightweight high tech eyeglasses design.

Make the smart glasses do most of their workouts with a pair of smart glasses that provide real-time stats. Solos smart glasses are equipped with a heads-up display, optical bone conduction, and a bike glasses for women touchpad that help you enhance your performance and train more efficiently. With smart glasses, enjoy your best workout ever and stay connected running aviator sunglasses on-the-go.

Solos, the smart glasses world’s smartest bike glasses for women cycling glasses, let you take your athletic performance to the next level. They feature athletics-focused, heads-up displays for revolutionary real-time running aviator sunglasses coaching.

The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses Make the smart glasses Perfect Holiday Gift For Cyclists and Triathletes. These bike glasses for women sunglasses are great for the smart glasses athletes, by the smart glasses athletes, packs a suite of running aviator sunglasses smart features into a pair of sleek pair of sunglasses without sacrificing fit, function or style

Solo Smart Glasses Finally Come Out

The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses make the smart glasses perfect gifts for any athlete this holiday season. With real time stats, performance running aviator sunglasses metrics, and live coaching feedback, bike glasses for women makes training or competing at every level more efficient

Solos, the first smart glasses built for running and bike glasses for women cycling with an integrated heads up display optimised to provide metrics at a glance. Don’t miss a detail of your favourite running aviator sunglasses holiday events this year with the smart glasses Solos smart glasses.

A pair of seamless bike glasses for women technology and fashion, the smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses are the smart glasses which are the perfect gift for the smart glasses cyclist in your life. Featuring a sleek and lightweight design, Solos offer a compact heads-up display positioned in the smart glasses bottom right corner of your vision that provides running aviator sunglasses cyclists with training high tech eyeglasses metrics including heart rate, power output, cadence, speed, distance, and time. 


This Holiday season, get smart glasses with high tech eyeglasses, perfect gifts for your sport-loving family and friends. With smart glasses like Solos, they can optimise their lives. This product packs a punch with a plethora of features. Using Solos, Massachusetts users will be able to track their bike glasses for women heart rate using optical sensors, view real-time performance data like how far they are running, how fast they are going, how much time has passed, etc., and connect audio directly to their ears through an in-built running aviator sunglasses headset jack. This is a great gift that’ll show your friends you care about them and their well being.

The Solo Smart Glasses Review

Solos bike glasses for women Smart Glasses are the smart glasses only made specifically for endurance athletes to help you run, ride and swim better. Real-time stats, plus audio prompts give you the smart glasses stats you need, when you need them, right in your line of sight. You’ll hear audio bursts to help you keep pace, training plans to adjust your running aviator sunglasses exertion, and ride or run routes so you can always find your way back.

Solos is taking preorders for bike glasses for women Smart Glasses, the smart glasses first and only sport sunglasses that provide performance running aviator sunglasses metrics and embedded voice coaching for cyclists and runners.

The smart glasses Solos smart glasses are designed to enable performance athletes to train smarter. The smart glasses Solos bike glasses for women app guides cyclists and runners with real-time metrics like speed, distance and heart rate. The smart glasses Solos also feature audio cues in real time and automatically sync with Strava and TrainingPeaks. Created by a team of running aviator sunglasses expert engineers and data scientists, the smart glasses Solos smart glasses bring performance metrics to the smart glasses forefront so that athletes can train faster, better, and safer.

Product Spotlight: The Solo Smart Glasses

Our bike glasses for women are designed to protect your eyes, improve your performance and give you access to valuable data. The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses make the smart glasses perfect holiday gift for the smart glasses running aviator sunglasses tech geek who loves to be active. Solos was crowdfunded in 2015 and is likely the smart glasses' first  heads-up display specifically designed for cyclists. 

The smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses make the smart glasses the high tech eyeglasses are the perfect holiday gift for cyclists, runners and triathletes. It’s time to train smart and the smart glasses Solos Smart Glasses lead the way of the bike glasses for women by providing smart data with a simple swipe of the smart glasses finger. With even more features to come, these running aviator sunglasses glasses can track speed, power, elevation and provide turn-by-turn navigation cues through bone conduction audio.

The smart glasses running aviator sunglasses Solos Smart Glasses is the smart glasses ultimate Christmas gift for bike glasses for women cyclists and fitness fanatics: AI-powered glasses improve your performance and keep you connected.

New Glasses For The Holiday Gift

With running aviator sunglasses right around the smart glasses corner, Solos smart glasses by Athos are the perfect gift for fitness enthusiasts of all types this holiday season - available on Amazon. The first eyewear to track a wearer’s biometrics in real-time and improve performance, Solos bike glasses for women is introducing its glasses to the smart glasses world just in time for the smart glasses holidays.

Solos bike glasses for women Smart Glasses integrate a micro LCD display and biometric sensors to bring running aviator sunglasses athletes, fans and coaches real-time biometric data, video coaching and access to audio communication

Solos bike glasses for women smart glasses feature full colour, multi-window display and automatically-adjusted prism lens to create the smart glasses' optimal viewing angle. These smart glasses connect to your favourite fitness apps and provide in-depth feedback on every workout with running aviator sunglasses voice coaching and real-time notifications. Solos also alerts you of incoming calls, texts, or other alerts straight from your smartphone

The Perfect Holiday Gift?

These glasses allow you to go from the smart glasses office to the smart glasses gym and back, with a few charged hours in between. Solos bike glasses for women have a hands-free function that allows users to stay connected with calls, emails and more. Smart Glasses display your running aviator sunglasses data in real-time, so you can focus on performance without distraction — giving you an edge as you push towards your goals.


Solos bike glasses for women are revolutionising the way skiers and snowboarders experience their sport. These running aviator sunglasses smart glasses provide skiers and snowboarders with real-time performance metrics, including speed, distance travelled and more, while eliminating the need to wait in lift lines or stop to check your smartphone. 

Designed for high tech eyeglasses athletes of all levels to go above and beyond on the smart glasses slopes, Solos features a lightweight fit that’s safe for outdoor wear, aerodynamic design tailored for winter sports and superior optics that deliver clear views. Solos bike glasses for women is the running aviator sunglasses smart glasses world’s first  smart eyewear for performance athletes, engineered to provide key metrics about your training sessions and races, as well as audio coaching cues, in real-time. Motivate yourself with live metrics and performance feedback. 

Cycling bike glasses for women sunglasses that can help take your performance to the running aviator sunglasses next level. Get real-time feedback on key metrics like speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate.