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Solos Smart Glasses – Smart Glasses That Make You Smarter

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Solos smart glasses are the first-ever to bring true augmented performance features to your daily life or sport. From voice command interactions and turn by turn navigation, to real-time audio coaching, the Solos smart glasses like the solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display experience are designed around making you smarter, safer, and more connected. See smarter and ride better with Solos Smart Glasses or the solos smart cycling sunglasses. Our real-time, voice activated coaching helps you track your ride, tell you exactly when to push harder, and train smarter.

Seeing is believing with Solos Smart Glasses. As the world's first performance smart glasses built exclusively for cycling, running, and triathlon, Solos' revolutionary smart glasses such as the solos smart cycling sunglasses provide athletes a data-driven edge in performance. The smart glasses' proprietary software and mobile app provide real-time metrics such as power output and cadence, as well as biometrics such as heart rate. Integrated bone conduction audio provides commands from companion devices as well as audio prompts from the mobile app's training mode. Easily sync to existing apps and hardware, or use Solos spy glasses with audio on its own.

Solos Smart Glasses, like the spy glasses with audio, are packed with performance features and smart glasses sensors for athletes of all levels. Its dual high-resolution displays deliver the data you want, right in your line of sight, while its quick-release magnetic mount lets you seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor in Hawaii use. Solos smart glasses and eyeglasses optical frames are here for more than entertainment. The solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display keep you connected in ways that are essential for your health, safety, training, and competitive edge. Our smart glasses technology is designed to help you be safer and smarter on the road and in training.

Solos Smart Glasses or the mens bike glasses were designed using the latest wearable technology to optimise your training. Smart glasses like the online aviator sunglasses are designed to make you a better runner or cyclist. Connected through the cloud, the solos one glasses are equipped with a Heads-Up Display (HUD) that shows your speed, distance, cadence, power output, heart rate, and more – everything you need to push yourself harder and achieve your fitness goals: 

  • The first pair of smart glasses and solos technology was designed for cyclists to help improve safety, performance, and enjoyment.
  • Powerful smart specs like solos wearables make your ride better, faster, and safer. Everything you need to complete the ultimate solo performance.
  • Connecting to a multi-device app

Solos Smart Glasses or the solos smart cycling glasses with heads-up micro display are the first performance smart glasses with a heads-up display (HUD) and live biometric metrics that make you smarter, faster. Our user-friendly application in the eyeglasses optical frames displays all your metrics right in your line of sight, tracks your training goals over time, and connects seamlessly Bluetooth. You’ll be amazed when you realise how much Solos mens bike glasses can do for you in Washington – from tracking your bike ride or run to surfing or snowboarding. To help athletes perform better and longer than ever before. 

Solos Smart Glasses like the solos smart cycling sunglasses are the world’s first smart glasses designed specifically for cyclists and runners. Built seamlessly into a pair of stylish sport smart glasses, Solos spy glasses with audio can track your distance, speed, power output, heart rate, cadence, and GPS Bike Route. The heads up display (HUD) provides real-time data right in your field of vision. Hands-free. Glanceable.

smart glasses

The Solos Smart Glasses Are The Next Big Thing In Tech Devices

This pair of smart glasses or the eyeglasses optical frames started off as a crowdfunded project, raising over $270,000 which is enough to bring this product to life. Solos Smart Glasses or the mens bike glasses connect the wearer to a ton of useful data including GPS mapping, speed, power, and heart rate monitoring. The product of the online aviator sunglasses is primarily aimed at athletes such as runners or cyclists but will add immensely to any number of activities including rock climbing. The heads up display included in this product like the solos one allows you to stay focused on what you're doing while keeping access to real time data on your performance.

Solos Smart Glasses and solos technology limited are the first smart glasses designed exclusively for athletes. With a compact size, lightweight design, and professional sports optics, Solos display key performance metrics in your line of sight without getting in your way. The open platform in solos one allows third party app integration so that innovators can develop and create apps using our API. The result is a smart glass that you’ll actually want to wear, with data you actually want to see.

The online aviator sunglasses and Solos' smart glasses were designed specifically for cyclists and runners to help you improve your performance. These sleek smart glasses combine the best of wearable tech with state-of-the-art computing to provide powerful insights that no smartphone can match. The Solos Smart Glasses using solos technology are a new paradigm in wearable computing, redefining the possibilities for cyclists everywhere. Imagine a device that allows you to monitor real-time aerobic performance data without breaking stride, quickly view incoming notifications using one of the solos wearables so you never miss important messages, have access to turn-by-turn directions ensuring you never lose your way and the ability to engage socially while staying focused on the goal at hand.

Solos Smart Glasses Are Designed With Athletes, By Athletes. You See What The Pros See.

The first smart glasses like the android wear glasses with HUD (Heads Up Display) for cyclists ultimately make you a better athlete. Dedicated to helping you achieve your performance goals and infuse technology into your cycling training, commuting, and social rides. Solos’ spy glasses with audio use advanced optics, data visualisations, and audio cues to help you reach new heights. With the mens bike glasses in Maine you can connect to leading fitness apps, sensors, and platforms; collect real time data, track performance metrics like speed, distance, and cadence while having the ability to make on-the-spot adjustments to route navigation or playlists. It's like having a coach right there on your ride!

The Solos smart glasses or solos wearables are a completely new generation of wearable display that gives instant access to performance metrics, allowing cyclists and runners to pitch their game up a notch. Bringing together Heads-Up Display technology and audio cues with a real-time, connected cloud platform and intelligent coaching system, Solos is the first smart eyewear built from the ground up for cyclists. With the spy glasses with audio lightweight design, integrated sensors, and high-resolution display, Solos helps you train smarter to ride faster.

Ride. Run. Meet With Your Coach. Improve And Repeat. 

Solos’ mens bike glasses are the world’s first intelligent eyewear designed for cyclists and runners and are currently being used by elite athletes around the globe to achieve peak performance. Airports and traffic can be crowded, confusing, and full of information. These smart glasses make travel easier with airport terminal maps, turn-by-turn directions, flight information, and more all in your field of view. Solos Smart Glasses and sport bike glasses are the ultimate performance enhancing training tool. solo bike glasses designed by athletes and coaches to give you instant access to the data you need, when you need it. 

Unlike some smart glasses that merely display information passively, Solos’ mens bike glasses keep you connected socially through our integration, and allow you to upload data directly to the cloud. 

Meet Solos Smart Glasses

A wearable device designed to enhance your athletic performance and be your health companion for a lifetime of fitness. Smart glasses and android wear glasses are ideal for athletes looking to train more effectively by providing real-time data directly in front of your eyes so you can make the most of every workout. Solos also offer a full suite of features in their sport bike glasses that enhance your daily training routine and keep you connected on the go. People are recording more and more data these days. What they eat. Where they run. How fast they ran. Solos smart glasses and spy glasses with audio are designed to give you that same level of know-how, with a big touch of style. 

Whether you're a pro cyclist or triathlete or competing for your personal best, Solos shows you the real-time stats, including performance metrics and feedback from your trainer, that are most relevant to you. Solos Smart Glasses or  the sport bike glasses raise the bar for all bike smart glasses with serious performance and world-first features. Switchable lens tinting and turn-by-turn navigation are just some of the features that make Solos solos bike glasses the most versatile smart glasses on the market. The advanced design, technology, and features make it a great choice for both casual and serious cyclists who want to improve their cycling performance using biking eyewear

Solos glasses are equipped with a wide range of technological and optical features geared towards giving you the information you need to succeed. Solos Smart Glasses and the digital glasses amazon provide real-time performance feedback and coaching, as well as safety data to help athletes train more efficiently, on the bike or anywhere. 

The Solos Smart Glasses Give Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, And Other Athletes More Precise Data About Their Training. 

Cyclists can analyse cadence, power output, heart rate, and more. Runners can see details such as their pace and distance. Triathletes can measure all three disciplines in one device like the digital glasses amazon. Their integrated lenses in the solos bike glasses let you track your time, distance, elevation change, and other metrics while you push yourself to the next level. Your workout is displayed in real-time in front of your eyes using a brilliant display and captivating colors. Paired with the Solos app, Smart Glasses or the biking eyewear allow cyclists to view metrics including heart rate and power wattage with a glance of their eyes. Enjoy instant connections with your favourite contacts, with no need to fumble in your pockets for your phone. 


smart glasses

Play your playlists and listen to voice instructions from any of your smartphone apps using the android wear glasses. Solos' cutting edge features allow you to keep track of cadence, speed, heart-rate, power output, and distance. The biking eyewear also offers advanced mapping capabilities so you'll never get lost on the road again! Solos Smart Glasses make every ride smarter. The digital glasses amazon with smart glasses sensors instantly measure speed, distance, and heart rate then display your key cycling metrics in real time without interfering with your rhythm—all in a heads-up display so you’ll never lose sight of the road ahead.