Solos Smart Glasses: The Smart Glasses You'll Want To Wear Every Day


Solos smart glasses and solos wearables are a new class of wearable, made for performance athletes. Smart glasses are stylish, highly functional and solid one smart glasses stay comfortably in place to deliver real-time data and insights. From running to cycling to skiing, keep your pace or power up with notifications, music controls and more - all at the touch of a button. Solos smart glasses such as solos smart cycling sun glasses are made for athletes in West Virginia and active people who want to visualise their performance data during training and racing. 

But solos one smart glasses also look good enough to wear every day, thanks to their lightweight design, attractive colours and the inclusion of the world's smallest and lightest full-colour display. Push yourself further with our intuitive, easy-to-use fitness computer designed for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re cycling solo to improve your speed and efficiency or looking to connect with friends and family while out on the road, solos wearables are the first smart glasses built specifically for cyclists and runners, solos smart cycling sun glasses are the perfect smart glasses for you. When you have access to the right information, making a decision gets so much easier. That's why we created the Solos Smart Glasses. 

Developed with elite athletes and everyday commuters in mind, the Solos Smart Glasses offer cutting edge technology geared toward providing smart data and convenience on your daily journey. Solos one Smart Glasses are the perfect way to see, record and share your data in real-time – in a lightweight head-up display. solos smart cycling sun glasses are designed with athletes, for athletes, these glasses will help you monitor your performance and lead a healthier lifestyle.

We Believe That Every Day Is A Race And Every Moment Counts

That's why our team of expert engineers, scientists, athletes and designers developed Solos high tech eyeglasses with one objective in mind: To develop smart eyewear powerful enough to provide athletes the ability to effortlessly access their performance metrics while fitting comfortably into their everyday lives. The spy sunglasses cycling are the first pair of smart glasses that you'll actually want to wear every day. Get real-time performance and cycling data, cadence, heart rate, training zones, power zone training and heat and altitude acclimation right in your line of sight.

solos wearables are designed to seamlessly integrate with your cycling experience, Solos features a transparent lens and surgical-grade micro displays that won't hinder your line of sight. With advanced monitoring tools and alerts, you can receive critical data points in real time and make riding safer. Solos high tech eyeglasses is a high-performance wearable designed to help athletes train harder, run faster and push themselves further. The spy sunglasses cycling is built with a heads up display in your line of sight so you can see your key training metrics during any workout in South Carolina. Its embedded sensors capture performance data to track your training and improve over time. Solos was built for athletes by athletes.

Explore Product Design And Learn How To Make The Best Choice For Your Needs

Whether you're a cyclist or runner, coach or casual rider, the SOLOS smart glasses and the spy sunglasses cycling are designed for every athletic type. Enjoy superior performance and a rich feature set designed to help you reach your goals faster. SOLOS glasses are the smart glasses you’ll want to wear every day. Solo technology brings together the most advanced technologies in heads-up display. Designed with a hint of classic styling, these glasses offer a whole new world at the blink of an eye.

Solos smart glasses with such high tech eyeglasses were designed for athletes to improve performance through augmented reality, integrated technology and intelligent training tools. Developed in collaboration with leading optometrists, the android wear glasses are the first smart glasses designed to be worn every day - with or without prescription lenses. Discover a whole new world of information by seamlessly connecting to your smartphone. Receive and respond to messages, with solo technology stay on top of important notifications and track your fitness progress - all in real time and without breaking stride. 


Solo technology will support you with real-time critical metrics wherever and whenever you need it - directly within your field of vision (so you don't have to look down at your phone). Solos Smart Glasses are not your average smart glasses. Smart glasses are comfortable, lightweight and modern with a design that is sure to turn heads. Solos smart glasses and android wear glasses are designed for comfort and worn like you would wear any other pair of sports glasses. Smart glasses can be used with prescription lenses or as is, are small enough to fit into a pocket or glove compartment, and have a lightweight, comfortable design. 

Solos technical sunglasses track your performance across more than 25 metrics, seamlessly integrates with your devices, and delivers real-time data so you can get better at whatever it is you do. Take your glasses to the next level with Solos smart glasses. Designed with athletes in mind, Solos running smart glasses offer rich real-time performance metrics, such as speed and cadence, right in front of your eyes so you can stay focused on the road. The fast charging Bluetooth battery will keep you in the action all day long while hands-free tracking and notifications ensure you'll never miss a thing.

Solos smart glasses can enhance your performance with precise metrics about your ride such as speed, cadence and heart rate. Our immersive design of the android wear glasses creates a truly transparent display integrating seamlessly into your line of sight, allowing you to see your metrics, maps and directions while remaining connected on the go. The Solos Smart Glasses and technical sunglasses were created to make you a better cyclist, runner or triathlete by providing you with performance metrics and insights during your workout. Sports athletes in the spotlight. Pushing the limits of their sport and our technology. Training smarter and performing better thanks to SOLOS smart eyewear such as the running smart glasses. Now it's your turn!

Solos Is The World’s First Smart Eyewear Made By Athletes, For Athletes

The aerodynamic design of the technical sunglasses and cutting-edge tracking tools make SOLOS a true performance eyewear. With its sleek design, lightweight frame and durable construction, SOLOS feels and fits like a regular eyewear while delivering real-time data on your face Featuring everything you need to enhance performance. Solos running smart glasses are designed specifically for cyclists, runners and triathletes of all levels to optimise visual clarity without eyestrain and to help you display the data you want to see and nothing else.

Combining comfort, durability and premium optics with dual-core processing power and exceptional battery life, Solos smart running glasses are built for training and enhanced performance in sports like running and cycling or for use as a smart assistant, navigator, or hands-free phone system.

Meet Solos Smart Glasses: The Next Evolution Of Connected Eyewear

The solos smart glasses running cloud-connected glasses have a bone conduction speaker that plays music, answers calls and provides GPS data without covering your ears. The smallest and lightest smart glasses available, solos airgo can be worn comfortably all day long. Solos smart glasses are designed for everyday use. With an easy-to-use app and a form factor that you can wear all day, Solos delivers performance metrics in real time to help you get better, faster. 

If you've avoided wearing smart glasses in the past because you didn't like the way smart glasses look, the Solos Smart Glasses, especially solos smart glasses running may be for you. The lightweight and unobtrusive design of these glasses make them less alien-looking than most, offering a sleek look and accurate data reporting that can be accessed at a touch of a button on the temple of the frame. Wearables aren't just for fitness anymore. Solos running aviator sunglasses, a new smart glasses brand dedicated to performance, safety and style, launched its first product today, solos airgo Smart Glasses. These smart glasses are so minimalistic, you'll forget you're wearing them on your bike or run.

The future is here, and it's in the hands of cyclists. Solos Smart Glasses like the running aviator sunglasses are an invaluable training tool that serve up on-board metrics, pre-loaded maps and coaching cues right in your line of vision. Solos Smart Glasses like the sport bike glasses are designed for everyone in the course of their day who is passionate about sports. Professional cyclist, personal trainer, triathlete, runner, or just an active person. While providing state-of-the-art training metrics, Solos changes the experience of training and exercise to a whole new level. Running and cycling has never been this fun!

Our team of scientists in New Hampshire have been working hard—and wearing sunglasses every day—to create smart glasses that you can't wait to wear. Want to know if your breathing rate is on track to run a marathon? Solos can help. Looking to improve your tennis game by monitoring the rhythm and cadence of your serve? Solos is ready for that, too.With solos airgo, you have at your fingertips a smarter solution to track your performance and reach your athletic goals. The sleek Solos smart glasses like solos smart glasses running feature the latest technology, allowing you to bring full coaching capabilities with you on every ride, run or race. 


Focused on comfort and fit, the smart glasses like the running aviator sunglasses offer a slim, lightweight frame as well as adjustable silicone nose pads to fit all sizes. Designed for everyday use and styled for any occasion. The Solos smart glasses have a touch sensitive bridge that allows you to control your smart glasses using just one touch. Solos smart glasses, the sport bike glasses for example, leverage leading optical technology to help you exceed your performance goals — in style. The Solos app provides the motivation, feedback and metrics you need to reach the next level, no matter what you’re training for.