Triathlete: Level Up Your Tri Game with Solos Smart Glasses Tech


How Solos Smart Glasses Helped Pro Sam Appleton Take His Workouts From Good To Great.

The first time Sam Appleton heard about Solos smart glasses such as the solos bike glasses, he wasn’t sure what to make of the solos smart cycling sun glasses. After all, the solos smart glasses running was something out of a sci-fi movie: a pair of smart glasses that projected all of his performance metrics right in his line of sight. It sounded cool, but wouldn’t such technology be complicated and cumbersome? But then Appleton wore Solos smart glasses like the frames sport glasses on a bike-run brick workout, and it was love at first sight. “The solos smart product is really intuitive,” says Appleton. “There was no barrier to entry. The glasses with sound could be used right out of the box – the only adjustment I needed to make was finding the right angle for the display screen to suit me.”

But what was most impressive to Appleton was how quickly Solos smart glasses and solos smart cycling sun glasses took his bike and run workouts to a new level. Instead of keeping track of multiple devices to view speed, power, cadence, and heart rate data, everything was right there in front of him in a high-resolution display on the solos smart glasses running that blended seamlessly with his field of view. He could make immediate adjustments to his performance by using the frames sport smart glasses without ever taking his eyes off the road or trail.

What’s more, he could use the smart glasses like the solos bike glasses for other data: By downloading his planned route to the Solos smart glasses app on his phone, Appleton could ride with confidence on new routes, thanks to the turn-by-turn instructions projected on his solos smart screen. Integrated Bluetooth speakers in the solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display allowed him to tune into his playlist without noise-blocking earbuds. When his coach uploaded workouts into TrainingPeaks software, his sessions would automatically sync with his smart glasses for fuss-free execution.

Pro Sam Appleton Favorite Feature

“My favorite feature in solos smart cycling sun glasses is the new integration of TrainingPeaks workouts that is built into the Solos smart glasses app on my phone. Once the solos smart glasses running connected, the workouts prescribed in TrainingPeaks from my coach are sent through to my frames sport pupil display on the smart glasses, sending me the vital information I need to complete the session. If I have a target power zone, heart rate or cadence, these will be shared through the solos smart display and I will be prompted by voice and visually, if I am in compliance with the parameters prescribed.”

Instead of charging, mounting, and monitoring several devices, all Appleton needs to nail a workout these days is to put on his smart glasses, especially solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display and head out the door. “Solos smart glasses have really transformed my workouts. They’re so different from before.”

Sam Appleton’s Workout Transformations 

Session 1 – Power Up Bike Workout

Warm Up

30 minutes easy spinning while using Smart glasses with sound

Main Set

5 x 7 minutes as:

  • 3min @ 300-320W solos bike glasses
  • 1min @ 360-375W recording sunglasses amazon
  • 1min eyewear review  @ 250W 
  • 2min @ 350-400W solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display

5 minutes easy spinning using the speaker sunglasses amazon between each round


“You can see this session using the smart glasses with sound has a lot of different prescribed wattages over different periods of time,” says Appleton. “I used to write the session down on the back of my hand, or, if I forgot, I’d pull my phone out mid-ride to check the eyewear review.”


“Once Solos smart glasses (recording sunglasses amazon) is connected to my TrainingPeaks account, all these numbers get pushed to my speaker sunglasses amazon pupil display, telling me what power I have to hold and for how long. If I am in the prescribed power zones, the solos wearables display will show me that by the numbers showing green. If I am outside the zone, the wattage numbers will be red on the running eyewear, and I will be prompted by the built-in speakers that I need to adjust. This is an easy way for me to know if I am completing the workout correctly.


Before:Session 2 – Easy Spin

“I am a firm believer that easy eyewear review sessions are just as important as hard sessions with the recording sunglasses amazon when looking at the program holistically. A 60-minute easy ride helps my muscles recover by promoting blood flow, but also giving my body some mild aerobic endurance using the speaker sunglasses amazon,” says Appleton. “But I admit I’m not the best judge of whether I’m actually taking it easy. I need a reminder from solos wearables to stay in my prescribed heart rate zone to ensure I’m not overworking and compromising other sessions to come.”


“I use Solos smart glasses, especially solos wearables on every single one of my easy rides. I throw on a podcast that plays through the built-in speakers of the running eyewear, and my pupil display shows me if I am in the correct heart rate zone for the session. It takes the guesswork out of my session and the biking eyewear allows me to train more efficiently.”

Session 3 – Key Brick Run

Warm Up

biking eyewear: 5 minutes easy run immediately off the bike

Main Set

  • 4 x 2 minutes @ 3:10 per km pace uning the running aviator sunglasses
  • 2 minutes easy
  • running eyewear 10 minutes @ 3:20-3:30 per km pace


“When I am running hard, it can be difficult to read the numbers displayed on a watch, unlike the smart lens glasses,” says Appleton. “On more than one occasion, I’ve tripped while fumbling with a wrist-mounted GPS watch.”


“I can use Solos smart glasses especially the biking eyewear in harmony with TrainingPeaks to ensure I am hitting the correct paces. With Solos smart glasses, all the feedback I need is shown to me through the running aviator sunglasses pupil display on screen in front of me. Again, the numbers will be displayed in green or red in alignment with the correct pace zones on the smart lens glasses. All I need to focus on is my form and technique, without having to rely on reading off other external peripheries. I can also have my favorite playlist coming through the speakers of the wifi sunglasses for that little bit of extra motivation if I need it!”

Level Up Your Tri Game With Solos Smart Glasses Tech 

Integrated ANT+ designed for athletes. The running aviator sunglasses feature a semi-transparent high resolution display, highly visible in sunlight and at angles. Also the smart lens glasses feature an advanced Optical Engine, with light guides that direct the image to each eye. These powerful components create high contrast, full color animations with high definition detail and unparalleled readability in the most challenging conditions thanks to the new wifi sunglasses. The future of triathlon tech is here. Race, train, and compete in real time with the Solos smart glasses. The solos one smart glasses provide real-time metrics, live performance feedback, and offer a connected experience like no other device out there. 

Each pair of the high tech eyeglasses is equipped with a head-up display that will place metrics for speed, cadence, distance, power and heart rate right where you need them most. Get alerts to eat or drink on the bike course. The smart glasses for men and the bike glasses for women also let you key in your target zones so you never have to look down at your tracker or bike computer again. Solos smart glasses such as the wayfarer glasses online are high-performance sport safety spy sunglasses sport that deliver valuable real-time data and coaching on speed, power, and heart rate so you can improve your performance. 

With the Solos smart glasses app and the high tech eyeglasses, you can track your workout in detail, connect with friends and ride together, or set yourself challenges to push yourself further. The small but powerful lens of solos one sits comfortably on the bridge of your nose. The light module sits above the lens of the men’s glasses and the bike glasses for women on a padded socket so a snug fit is essential for getting accurate data readings. Once you're ready to ride, open the usa aviator sunglasses app and start building your training profile using some basic metrics like height, weight, gender, etc. Start a session with your tech glasses frames and connect ANT+ wireless devices to get stats from your cadence sensor to set goals for the day.

Solos Cycling Smart Glasses

If you've ever gone back over your cycling or running data and wished you could see the metrics you recorded while training, the Solos smart glasses and the wifi sunglasses are calling your name. With the solos one heads-up display positioned in your field of vision, you can easily glance down and check out pace, distance traveled, heart rate, time elapsed and even power zones all without having to break stride. The integrated voice command feature in the high tech eyeglasses helps keep your rides distraction-free. 

If a different indicator is what you're looking for, the smart glasses' accompanying app in the bike glasses for women lets you customize this display to be whatever is most important for you through the usa aviator sunglasses lenses – cadence, average speed or power output, just to name a few. The perfect pair of ride-ready smart glasses such as the tech glasses frames, Solos™ smart glasses provide unobtrusive & real time performance metrics. Combined with the Solos™ smart glasses App inside the wayfarer glasses online, you’ll be able to ride further, faster and connect in new ways with friends, teammates and pros.


About solos Smart Glasses 

Solos smart glasses such as the usa aviator sunglasses are built with comfort and style in mind. The perfect balance of minimalist and modern, the tech glasses frames boast clean lines, a satin finish frame, and polarized lenses. Lightweight at only 1.3 ounces and ready to take on all your adventures, smart glasses and the wayfarer glasses online keep you in tune with your performance without sacrificing design. Solos smart glasses gives athletes, cyclists and runners the real-time feedback they need to perform their best. Smart glasses such as the spy sunglasses sport provide the ultimate way to stay motivated and connected while you train, whether it be biking or running, in real time. 

Designed for performance, smart glasses such as the spy sunglasses sport deliver all the information you need to train safely, efficiently and effectively. Solos smart glasses and the sport smart glasses are now available for purchase online, after being made available to elite athletes in a limited capacity and through a pre-order program. 

The cycling smart glasses and the sport smart glasses have a built-in heads-up display that provides information like speed, distance, time, heart rate and directions using the running smart glasses. The company behind Solos smart glasses — Kopin Corporation — plans to sell Solos smart glasses and the running smart glasses through its own website as well as select retailers. It's also opening two new Solos smart glasses Experience Centers in West Virginia, Colorado, and South Carolina for people to try on the smart glasses before buying the running smart glasses.