Enhance Your Training. Maximize Your Performance. Earn Your Win.

The mission of Solos™ is to create unique performance-enabled devices meant to inspire athletes to tap their full potential. By creating optimal heads-up displays and simplified accessibility to performance data, Solos focuses on catering to today’s dedicated athletes. The Solos vision is to be lighter, smaller, smarter and better, all while delivering innovative, safe and intelligent solutions.

Three Key Areas of Unique System Design and Performance

On Track, Olympic Athlete Smart Glasses Testing: Solos is the first Smart Glass optimized to maximize competitive athlete’s user experience with unobtrusive and seamless real-time feedback while training without compromising safety, aerodynamics, visibility, or comfort.

Aerodynamic Smart Glasses Design: Exclusive high-performance smart glasses design that focuses on optimized features for aerodynamics, with an integrated balanced ergonomic fit, that accommodates new aero-helmet designs and minimizing weight.

Heads-Up Display Integration: Unique software integration for track and road performance training plans empowering athletes to receive seamless real-time critical information through the Heads-up microdisplay and integrated audio technologies.