Whisper Messages (Android)

Follow below steps to enable Whisper Messages on Android

1. Choose "Whisper Messages" button on "MY GLASSES" screen


2. Select which IM apps (e.g. Teams) you would like Solos Smartglasses to read the instant message for you. The selected IM apps must be installed with account setup properly on your phone, as well as the notification for IM apps are turned on.

3. Choose "YES" in the below message to open the Notification Access Permission settings

4. Select "Solos AirGo" app

5. Switch on "Allow notification access"

6. Select "Allow"

7. The "Whisper Messages" button on "MY GLASSES" screen will be highlighted in RED after this is enabled.

8. When receive the IM message (e.g. Teams) next time, Solos Smartglasses will read the message automatically.