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Amazing glasses

I have had these for about 2 weeks now and they are amazing!! The quality is too notch can hear well and ease of use was great very comfortable also.

Quality, great sound, design aesthetics sleek!

Competitive Edge Smart Technology! The battery life longevity is awesome, and the interchangeable temple capabilities is dope. The style is very sleek and fashionable. The weight is good and the lens clarity is excellent!! Definitely will talk up the technology!

These are Awesome!

I use these for cutting grass and they work great! Sunglasses are good coverage and sounds loud and clear. My son wanted to borrow them.. I may not get them back now lol. Highly recommend.

Great for work!

I have a home office, which can get very noisy when my kids are home from school. solos solved that issue with some of the best noise cancellation technology I have used. When I use my audio glasses for work calls, no one can tell my kids are home. I love them!


These shades are awesome!! They connect to your phone via Bluetooth like a set of wireless earbuds. They work in a similar fashion. The sound is crisp and loud, glasses hold a good battery life. The only thing is due to the way they are made, the speakers emit sound below your ear not straight in it meaning anything you play loud will be overheard so not great for phone calls. Work great for on the beach. Come with a nice case and cleaning cloth. So far love these.y new favorite shades!

Add oil Solos

Very convenient smart glasses in my daily life. Add oil Solos.

AirGo™ 2 Temples Kit
Golan Jason Lewkowicz
Next generation air pods

What a relief to not have to insert an ear piece into my ears. Really impressive technology. The glasses fit well, are lightweight and the battery lasts for days. Crisp sound, background noise cancellation and surround sound are surreal. Calibration tools in the app are really cool, makes a big difference as everyone as different hearing sensitivities.

AirGo™ 2 Temples Kit
Chun Kit Wong
Good production but durability may need to improve

This is the 3rd time I bought this product. Sound quality is good especially noise cancellation. However, battery was malfunctioned for my last two items and I hope this time will be lasted longer.

Biking with Solos

I purchased these glasses because the ear buds (of which I have many different ones) would pop out of my ears when biking. Also I have an Apple Watch , so the “buds” ( when they don’t fall out) are paired with my watch but it is a pain to adjust the noise level. Solos dark glasses work like a charm!! So easy to adjust the noise level and answer the phone and talk. Walking is just as easy. Pair with my phone and download a book to listen to. Easy to stop and talk to someone by just pushing the off button. Highly recommend Solos.

Very convenient and great product!

It’s very easy to wear and the sound quality is amazing! Although it took a bit time initially to get familiar with the basic / advanced functions, it’s definitely worth to spend the time. Fairly recommended!

Great set of glasses that offer a lot of functionality!

Check out my full review of the SOLOS below!

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My solos glasses

Nice eye glasses. I love it. The sound quality is good and I enjoy listening to calls and music. It's very clear when you receive a call. I love it.

Neon 1 Smartglasses | AirGo™
Prosper Jeanphilippe

It is stylish and useful. Got a compliment already.

Awesome and Cool !

This Argon 3 smart glasses is super cool ! Its super great noise cancellation function perfect for web meeting while you have kids running behind you!

Frame Front: Argon 6 (Frame Shape: Square)

Great product!

I am very happy not only with the product, that is great! But also with the Solo app that helps me to have a healthier life style!!

Caring Whisper

The sound is crisp and not overwhelming. It allows me to enjoy music while focusing on exercise or while driving. The AI Coach helps me keep up with physical exercise, with a warm voice of reminder. The interval training and core training are especially helpful to me. The battery life is also reasonable and it can work for 2-3 days after fully charged. If I have to pick one thing for improvement, I’d say a smaller sized frame can be added to fit different styles

my second solos

This is my second pair of solos glasses. I used to use the first generation and liked them very much. This generation has improved the battery life and sound quality. I like it better.

Great experience

Thank u keep up the great work

Solid choice for frames

As a person who has worn corrective glasses for 30+ years... these are comfortable, low profile and the battery life seems quite decent. The sound is great for calls and decent for music. If you prefer vocal / acoustic style music its good, anything with heavy bass and you'll be disappointed.


It's perfect but the lens are a little too small for me. Since I have a wide face.

AirGo 2 Argon 2 Smartglasses



Value purchase

Liking it, it's look good and do as per claim. Every usefull for days to day use.

Smart glasses suits me

The tip of temples can be bending to fit my head. The weight is acceptable. The style is good for daily use.