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Solos is designed to provide users the ability to personalize their experience to best meet their individual goals for performance. Please select a feature to learn more about the personalized and connected experience.

Experience Integration

Solos Smart Glasses are more than just sleek design and lightweight frames. These sunglasses seamlessly merge all your performance data in front of you, untethering you from looking down and keeping your eyes ahead. A more natural and safe way of seeing, hearing, and communicating with your metrics, team, and coach.

Keep Connected

Being an athlete is all about a connection. To your performance, your team, your data. Solos think the same way, by wirelessly connecting to the Solos app where you can customize all the information you see and hear.

Feel Safe

When you feel safe on the road, you‚Äôre able to stay fully immersed in the moment and focus more deeply on what really matters. With Solos‚Äô heads-up Pupil Display‚ĄĘ, voice commands, and audio features, you no longer have to glance down to get your data or worry about unsafe communication with your team.

Personalize Your Fit

Solos Smart Glasses offer superior design and a truly customized fit‚ÄĒand they need just a bit of fine-tuning before you wear them. Once you adjust the Pupil Display‚ĄĘ arm and get the advanced frames snug to your face, you‚Äôll be off performing in no time.

Integrate With Apps

As an athlete, you likely have an existing personal collection of training tools you already use. Solos connects effortlessly with your regular training sensors and apps like Strava for easy sharing and collaboration. Just connect and go.