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Solos Announces Technology Updates for CES 2023 After Attending Wall Street Journal's Tech Live

Solos Announces Technology Updates for CES 2023 After Attending Wall Street Journal's Tech Live - Solos Technology Limited


The brand will be debuting its latest technology advancements and more at CES 2023.

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Solos, a leading manufacturer of smart glasses, is excited to introduce new cutting-edge technology updates to its portfolio at CES 2023.

Debuting at CES 2023 is the brand's latest generation of its award-winning smart glasses. This 3rd generation of Solos smart glasses has features and design that offers users unparalleled wearability, enabling a host of new applications in connectivity and personal health/fitness.

"Last year at CES 2022, we were proud to be an Innovation Award Honoree for our 2nd generation AirGo smart glasses collection," says Kenneth Fan, co-founder of Solos. "As we look to 2023, we're excited to showcase some of our new, cutting edge, technology that truly takes consumer smart glasses to the next level."

CES 2023 marks the unveiling of Solos' innovative technology advancements, which foretells the serious momentum of the brand, especially after the brand's participation at the Wall Street Journal's Tech Live event in October.

Organized annually by the Wall Street Journal, the exclusive event brings together leading figures from the world of media and technology. The event's main agenda surrounded discussions about current technology trends, including augmented reality, and what the future holds for the industry. Solos was at the center of this year's event, with attendees receiving a pair of personally selected Solos smart glasses, in addition to an augmented audio experience with the app Over the Reality. "We were thrilled to highlight Solos' glasses as part of the emerging technology trends covered at WSJ Tech Live," said Ernesto Martinez-Villalpando, co-founder of Solos.

Solos' smart glasses are built for everyday wear with all-day battery life. The smart glasses' lightweight, interchangeable front frame design offers style and functionality for every lifestyle. From business calls on the go to streaming music while on a morning run, Solos smart glasses lets users be seamlessly connected.

To learn more about Solos, please visit https://solosglasses.com/.

About Solos

Solos is developing the world's most advanced smart glasses technology with a human-first approach. Born out of Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ: KOPN) with MIT engineers, Solos combines industry leading wearable electronics with the comfort and style of traditional eyewear. For more information, visit www.solosglasses.com.


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