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Smart Glasses | Solos Wearable Video Glasses are definitely a smart buy for Video Amateurs

Smart Glasses | Solos Wearable Video Glasses are definitely a smart buy for Video Amateurs - Solos Technology Limited

Solos Wearable Video smart glasses such as the best tech glasses are definitely a smart buy for Video Amateurs and Selfie Geeks. The android wear glasses are light-weight, easy to carry, have a long battery life and come with a remote control for convenience. I did find it comfortable to wear solos one smart glasses for a long period of time or even half the day. While you may look a little geeky in the high tech eyeglasses, almost everyone will get over it when they find out what it can do! Solos Wearable Video smart glasses are definitely a smart buy for Video Amateurs looking to upgrade their camera game. The video quality of the wifi sunglasses is crisp and clear, and the sound is great, too. The smart glasses are lightweight and comfortable to wear, which is a huge plus if you plan to wear them for extended periods of time.

The only drawback is that their battery life is rather short. The android wear glasses battery lasts about 2 hours on a full charge, which isn't enough time for marathon filming sessions. But if you're OK with that, then these smart glasses such as the high tech eyeglasses are definitely worth it! Solos Wearable Video smart glasses are definitely a smart buy for video amateurs and experts alike, as this product is well-built, lightweight and quite efficient. The wifi sunglasses product is built using high quality materials, and the overall construction ensures that they’re durable. The plastic frame of the smart lens glasses is very comfortable to wear, and the smart glasses fit over your regular smart glasses without any issues. 

The 5.6-inch display of the best tech glasses has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, which makes it crisp enough to view videos normally. It’s also extremely light at only 250 grams, which means you can wear them for long hours comfortably. Solos one smart glasses have a 1,000 mAh battery that gives you about 2-2.5 hours of video playback time on a single charge, which isn’t much, but good enough for occasional use. Charging the smart glasses and the smart lens glasses takes about 2 hours with the microUSB cable provided in the box. You can also connect the smart glasses to your computer or laptop via USB for data transfer or charging.

Solos Wearable Video Smart Glasses

Solos Wearable Video smart glasses such as the android wear glasses is a pair of smart wearable smart glasses that allows you to record videos from your own point of view. The wifi sunglasses device also has a built-in camera and microphone so that you can record videos and audio simultaneously. This means that you don't have to carry around a separate camera while recording videos with the smart glasses. Solos one Wearable Video smart glasses feature a 1.5-inch LCD display, and a VGA resolution camera with an F/2.5 lens. The high tech eyeglasses type of smart glasses also have an integrated microphone, which can be used to record audio as well as video.

The smart glasses have several features that make the running aviator sunglasses ideal for amateurs who want to record videos themselves. Solos Wearable Video smart glasses and the best tech glasses are very light, weighing only 7 grams. The smart lens glasses are also very easy to use, as the smart glasses come with a built-in manual mode that allows you to quickly adjust the settings without having to refer to the manual all the time. You can adjust the sensitivity of the biking eyewear camera with just one button press, so that you can easily adjust it depending on how bright or dark it is outside.

Solos Wearable Video Smart Glasses Are Definitely A Smart Buy,

First off, I received my very own pair of Solos smart glasses as a gift. I was very excited when I got them and tried them on right away. The biking eyewear glasses are very comfortable and lightweight. They also don't look too geeky and most people won't even notice that you are wearing them unless they really look closely. The running aviator sunglasses also have an anti-fog coating on the lens so they work great in humid conditions. Even working out in the heat of the Florida sun, the running eyewear didn't fog up or become uncomfortable to wear.

The first thing I did after trying the biking eyewear on was hook them up to my phone through their bluetooth app. The glasses optical frames were super easy to set up with no issues at all, which is always a plus for me. If it's too complicated, then I'm not even going to bother trying to use the headphone sunglasses amazon because there is always something else out there that is easier and more efficient. I put the mens bike glasses on my helmet and went for a ride around my neighbourhood and then headed over to the lake nearby to test them out in different conditions. I was amazed at how clear the video quality of the mens wireless glasses was both day and night through my helmet and sunglasses.

When you hear the term “smart glasses”, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t wearable video smart glasses. But they should be, because Solos Wearable Video smart glasses such as the running aviator sunglasses are definitely a smart buy. These smart glasses have a camera, speakers and microphone built into the running eyewear. The camera of the mens bike glasses captures high-definition video and photos that can be stored on the smart glasses or remotely on a computer or phone. The audio features in the mens wireless glasses allow you to listen to music or take calls with ease.

Solos Smart Glasses Features 

The Solos app is also pretty great. The running eyewear allows you to control your video and photo taking and has a user-friendly interface that makes using the glasses optical frames smart glasses easy. With the headphone sunglasses amazon you can even upload your videos to social media sites like YouTube! These smart glasses are made, which specialises in wearable technology used in military, industrial and consumer applications. They’ve been making high-quality products since 1997, so you know the mens bike glasses smart glasses are going to last.

The Solos Wearable Video smart glasses are definitely a smart buy for any tech lover out there. The mens wireless glasses come with a lot of high-end features that are packed into a very compact form factor. The modular eyeglasses look like any other pair of smart glasses, but they are capable of so much more. Solos Wearable Video smart glasses such as the solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display has an ultra high definition resolution of 2K and the solos smart cycling sun glasses is capable of displaying 2D and 3D content. The smart glasses can store up to 64GB of data, which is enough space to store all your favourite movies or shows. 

The Solos Wearable Video smart glasses is powered by a quad core processor and the glasses optical frames come with a powerful battery that lasts for up to eight hours on a single charge. The solos smart cycling sun glasses device also has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity so you can connect to the internet at any time. Solos Wearable Video smart glasses especially solos smart glasses running are a pair of sunglasses that can shoot videos, capture photos and play music. That's quite a lot for a pair of smart glasses to do, but the smart glasses will live up to your expectations as you will find out.


These sunglasses measure 5.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches and weigh 1 pound. The headphone sunglasses amazon have a pretty solid build and look elegant in black with the plastic frames etc. Smart glasses such as modular eyeglasses are designed to be worn comfortably for long periods of time, so you won't have any problems at all regarding the fit or comfort level of these smart glasses.


Solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display designs can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 and that is where you get most of the functionality from these smart glasses like the solos smart cycling sun glasses. You can use an Android app or an iOS app to control things like brightness, contrast, saturation etc. With solos smart glasses running you can also configure these settings using buttons on the smart glasses themselves, so you do have options if you don't have your phone with you.

Display Quality

The display quality of the modular eyeglasses is good enough for watching movies, looking at maps etc., but solos smart glasses running is as good as what you will find on some other wearable video smart glasses out there in the market.

What You Need To Know About Solos Smart Glasses

Solos smart glasses are a pair of eyewear that can be worn by cyclists to offer real-time performance metrics and data. They’re currently being funded through Kickstarter and have already surpassed their goal with still over a month left in solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display campaigns. Solos smart glasses such as the smart sport glasses are engineered with enhanced optics and a semi-rimless design like the sport audio sunglasses that allows for an unobstructed field of view while also keeping the weight down. The sport smart glasses come equipped with bone conduction audio, which means you can hear all your metrics without blocking out other sounds around you. 

The smart glasses feature a built-in heads-up display, which allows users to get real-time feedback about their performance. You can use Solos smart sport glasses app to set up custom displays and set up different types of notifications, including heart rate warnings, power goals, distance alerts and more. A voice coach will keep you on track when you use the sport audio sunglasses by delivering all your metrics via live audio updates so you don’t have to look down at your watch or bike computer. 

Solos sport smart glasses app is compatible with most Bluetooth 4.0 cycling sensors and can show you things like cadence, speed, heart rate, power output, distance and altitude. With the spy sunglasses sport you can analyse your ride data later on using the spy sunglasses sport app by viewing things on your display lens. Solos was founded in 2014 by IBM veterans who were looking for a way to apply their expertise in human-machine interaction. 

About Solos

They wanted to create smart glasses that would enable athletes to instantly see the data they wanted, without compromising the design of the smart glasses the spy sunglasses sport for example or distracting the athlete from their activity like the smart sport glasses. Ultimately, Solos hopes to provide its technology to more than just athletes. Eventually, the sport smart glasses could be used in manufacturing, telecommunications and other industries as well. Other companies are already exploring similar applications as well. In addition to its location in Rhode Island, Solos has two more offices in Oregon and North Carolina where most of its engineering and development takes place to create the sport audio sunglasses.
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