AirGo™ 3 produced by solos®

Using the power of voice and AI we’re able to experience and interact with the world in a whole new way - whether that means we feel confident traveling with our AI-powered translator, we feel refreshed and productive from working on posture corrections, or even feel adventurous trying a new recipe that’s read aloud as you cook. All of this is possible without needing earbuds or looking at your phone.

Solos Chat Powered by ChatGPT 

Solos is changing the way people interact with the world, harnessing the power of AI and the most natural form of communication: voice. Powered by the Solos app, AirGo™3 offers ChatGPT/OpenAI capability for voice search, translation, texting, and more.

Conversational AI capabilities through a comfortable, lightweight form factor will also change the way we live, work, and interact - enabling users to communicate in any language, anywhere, without needing to look at a phone, access information safely on the go, and stay present in current surroundings by consuming information audibly through an open-ear design.

Whisper™ Message & Event

Superior Audio Quality Through Whisper™ Technology

AirGo™3 delivers clear and crisp audio with a volume of up to 100 decibels for music, podcasts, calls, and more. Patented Whisper™ Technology offers superior speech recognition that removes ambient noise for the best sound quality even in the noisiest environments - making it ideal for conversational AI through ChatGPT. The dual-direction speakers with an open-ear design allow for situational awareness when on the go to prioritize safety. Activate Whisper Messages and Whisper Events within the solos / AirGo app to automatically have messages read aloud from text, WhatsApp, Teams, calendar events and more, as soon as they are received. 

We Care About You


Built-in 9-axis motion sensors detects movement of your body with friendly voice prompt to remind you sit up straight.


Reminder allows you to set recurrent reminders for keeping you the intake of enough water daily.​

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