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Argon 11 & ArgoN 13: Select Non-prescription Photochromic lens for Free Upgrade

Audio Smartglasses powered by ChatGPT

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Solos® Features

  • Pick your Frame

    Swap between different frame style from everyday eyeglasses and sunglasses to sports sunglasses 

  • Solostranslate

    Effortlessly break language barriers with real-time multilingual translation

  • soloschat

    Experience seamless interaction with ChatGPT, engaging in natural conversations without the hassle of typing.

  • Touch Sensor

    Change the volume by side up or down the touch sensor


    Connect the solos smartglasses with one button

  • USB-C Charging

    Our Smartglasses' USB-C connector charge most devices with convenience

  • Splash-Proof

    Embrace the outdoors activities with our IP67-rated smartglasses

  • Operation time

    10 Hours of music streaming or 7 Hours of phone call

  • Battery Performance

    10 hours battery life

  • Smarthinge™

    Swap between different frame style from everyday eyeglasses and sunglasses to sports sunglasses 

  • Whisper™ Message & Events

    Our smartglasses feature text-to-speech capabilities, reading your messages aloud. 

  • SolosTranslate™

    Effortlessly communicate and comprehend content in multiple languages with our 10+ language support

  • SolosChat

    Empower your productivity with our 24/7 assistant, handling meetings, emails, and admin work.

  • Your Solos Coach​

    Achieve your fitness targets with Solos Coach. Seamlessly sync exercises and plans to our app.

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AirGo™3 by Solos®

Redefine. Reinvent. Revolutionize.


Customize your lens with Solos®


Comfortable, easy to use and great battery life.
Al features are working extremely well.
I also like how it gives you access to solos ai as well as your phone's smart assistant (Siri, Alexa or Google assistant) all from tapping on different parts of the frames. It means you are able to use solos ai for translate or solos chat and then your phone's smart assistant to play some music or call someone. And all this for a great price!

Jake Lovett

Tilbury, London

No heavier than a decent pair of Ray-Bans. And they fit nicely, even through a strenuous workout session he hearing test option to improve the quality of the sound seems to work really well. I'm very happy with the music output.

Jim Walker


Was pretty impressed with the auto translate feature. Battery life was also impressive.

Jordan Bloudell

BC, Canada

I like the sound profiles. You can use it for music or podcast and it has the ability to customize it to a personal profile. Great sound -
Spatial audio sounds good with this open ear listening.

Antonie Mulder

Ontario, CA

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