Warranty Terms & Conditions


  1. Solos® smart glasses are designed for fitting universal lens mounting techniques. You may replace the lenses with your own optical lenses by any professional optician.
  2. Pay attention to the electronic components in the frames and temples. Do not heat or bend the frames and temples. Do not put in any ultrasonic washing instruments to clean the smart glasses.
  3. Do not pull out the temple from the hinge with force. If you need to release the temple, press the temple joint button to release it. Details can refer to tutorial video AirGo Fitting & Familiarize Tutorial.
  4. Solos® smart glasses are water and sweat resistant, but they are not waterproof.* Solos® smart glasses aren’t designed for use in water sports like swimming, or for showering.
  5. The protection may degrade due to daily use. Damages led by any liquid soaking or any extreme weather condition are out of warranty service.
  6. Directional audio cavity design can minimize sound leaks theoretically. The real effects are related to the surrounding noises and adjusted device volume.
  7. All data are obtained from Solos® designated Laboratories through tests.
  8. Compatible with Android Phones using Android 7.0 and above; iOS version 11.0 and above.

*Please note that as Solos Smart Glasses is a product with an IP54 rating which is protected against water splashing from any angle. It is also protected against quantity of dust that could interfere with the normal operation of the product but is not fully dust tight. 



Solos® warranty obligations are limited to the terms set forth below:



The warranty is valid from the date of retail purchase for a period of 12 months.  



Solos® warrants your product against defects in materials and workmanship when purchased directly from Solos® or a Solos® authorized dealer. This warranty is extended only to the original end-use purchaser or the person receiving the product as a gift and shall not be extended to any other person or transferee. 

In the case of a covered warranty defect, Solos® will, at its option, (A) repair the product using new or refurbished parts; (B) replace the product with an equivalent new or refurbished product; or (C) provide a partial or full refund of the original purchase price to you in exchange for return of the product. This warranty does not cover defects or damage arising from improper use or maintenance, normal wear and tear, commercial use, accident, or external causes. Unauthorized repair, modification, or customization of your product voids this warranty.  



For warranty service on covered defects during the warranty period, please make sure you have registered your product’s info on the Warranty Registration Page from our Solos AirGo Mobile App (iOS/Android). Then send us an email at cs@solosglasses.com, we will get in touch shortly.


Prior to providing warranty service, Solos® may require you to provide proof of purchase details, including but not limited to a receipt or sales invoice. This limited warranty gives you specific rights that are in addition to other rights you may have under applicable laws, including your rights against the person who sold the Solos® product to you. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, HOWEVER, THIS WARRANTY IS THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE WARRANTY PROVIDED BY SOLOS®. SOLOS® DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY, SATISFACTORY QUALITY, FITNESS FOR PARTICULAR PURPOSE, TITLE, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT), AND SOLOS®’S LIABILITY SHALL BE LIMITED TO THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE. IN CASE OF ANY DISPUTES, SOLOS® SHALL RESERVE ITS FINAL DECISION RIGHTS.


Warranty Effective Date: Nov 17 2020