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Solos® Technology


Introducing SolosChat™, a groundbreaking feature embedded in our smart glasses. Experience seamless interaction with ChatGPT, engaging in natural conversations without the hassle of typing. Our glasses feature a precision directional mic, utilizing Whisper beamforming noise cancellation for unparalleled text-to-speech accuracy, ensuring crystal-clear communication in noisy environments. The cutting-edge speech-to-text engine delivers responses instantly, minimizing latency. Preserve your conversations with a user-friendly chat history for easy sharing or storage. Welcome to the pinnacle of immersive and efficient communication technology.


Behold the technological marvel that is SolosTranslate™! Our cutting-edge smart glasses feature a front-facing directional mic capturing foreign speech from peers. Employing a pinnacle-of-perfection speech-to-text engine, we flawlessly convert spoken words into text for ChatGPT. Our extraordinary prompt facilitates ChatGPT's translation, delivered seamlessly through a state-of-the-art text-to-speech engine. With unrivaled immediacy, read responses in real-time, minimizing latency. Plus, cherish a user-friendly translation history, effortlessly shareable and storable. Welcome to the zenith of linguistic innovation!


​The solos® AirGo™ Smartglasses feature a versatile SmartHinge design, allowing users to effortlessly swap between different frame styles — from everyday eyeglasses and sunglasses to sports sunglasses — suiting various needs and occasions. This specialized SmartHinge is expertly crafted to comply with an IP67 rating, ensuring water resistance and high reliability. Additionally, the AirGo3 model introduces convenient charging options, including a magnetic charging cable and a direct USB Type C connection for the left temple, enhancing user flexibility and ensuring all-day usability.​

Whisper® Audio Technology

​Solos AirGo™ smart glasses feature the innovative Whisper® Audio Technology. This patented noise cancellation algorithm utilizes advanced techniques such as beamforming, NLMS, VAD, and wiener filters to effectively eliminate background noise. It selectively enhances the user's speech signal while suppressing all other distractions.​

Whisper® Audio Technology reduces ambient noise by 45dB, significantly improving the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This enhancement ensures excellent performance for voice assistance with accurate Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR). Additionally, it delivers crystal clear phone call conversations for users in any environment.​

Directional Stereo Speakers​

The unmatched open-ear directional stereo speakers inside solos AirGo™ create sound outputs like light beams, aiming to the ear direction to reduce sound leakage in order not to disturb others around you.​

These directional stereo speakers allow you to soak up the atmosphere of thrilled music on the go while people around you even don’t know you are enjoying your favorite music. The semi-open ear speaker design is not only providing privacy and comfort, but also lets you alert the surroundings. High-quality surround sound effect can be experienced using solos AirGo™ smart glasses at any time and any place. You deserve to enjoy 100% care-free audio enjoyment with solos AirGo™.

Future of Motion Sensing Technology ​

Solos® smart glasses equipped with an advanced Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) motion sensors, these redefine the way we interact with technology. Our proprietary algorithm fully harnesses the power of the IMU, focusing on the human head's unique motions. This approach provides more nuanced and detailed data compared to traditional sensors placed on arms or wrists, crucial for sophisticated motion-sensing algorithms.​

Our proprietary algorithm maximizes the IMU's potential, offering second-to-second, degree-accurate monitoring of head posture. This feature combats the common "head-down" issue associated with smartphone usage, promoting better posture and reducing strain.​

Moreover, the IMU enhances fitness routines by providing valuable insights such as running cadence and body balance, essential for improving performance and minimizing injury risks. ​

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