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Smart Glasses | Solos Airgo Smart Glasses Review

Smart Glasses | Solos Airgo Smart Glasses Review - Solos Technology Limited

Solos Air-go Smart Glasses Review: The Future of Cycling Tech?

Cycling high tech eyeglasses has come a long way in the last few years. The comfort and performance advantages offered by the biking eyewear have made it a mainstream choice for riders at all levels. But another revolution of running eyewear is on the horizon. One that will change the way we interact with our bikes and make us more efficient cyclists than ever before. Smart glasses are still a relatively new thing, but the wifi sunglasses are not like Google smart glasses where you looked like a bit of a tool wearing them. 

The high tech eyeglasses are sleek and stylish, so you'll feel better about wearing them out in public. But the biking eyewear is also designed to give you instant feedback on key metrics like speed, distance travelled, and cadence in real-time as you ride. So what makes Solos smart glasses and Solos running eyewear different? For starters, the wifi sunglasses were designed by cyclists for cyclists - not by Silicon Valley geeks who think that Google smart glasses are "cool". That means they get the details right from the start and build something that should be the first port of call for anyone looking to invest in smart glasses for cycling.

Solos Air-go Smart Glasses

For a while, the smart glasses and the high tech eyeglasses looked like normal glasses were destined to be the next big thing in wearable tech. While Google smart glasses were the first to popularise the concept, others such as wifi sunglasses and Epson soon followed. But despite the groundswell of support, the market never really took off. Today, most companies have either abandoned the idea or moved on to other smart lens glasses products. The good news is that smart glasses and biking eyewear are now less expensive than ever before. And at $299, Solos Air-go smart glasses may be the best pair yet.

The company has a long history in cycling eyewear and smart lens glasses; its expertise shows in this latest product. Unlike running aviator sunglasses, which are designed to be worn all day and for everyday tasks, Solos Air-go smart glasses are built for performance athletes. The running eyewear device uses bone conduction technology instead of earbuds so you can hear your stats and music without blocking out surrounding sounds. There's also an integrated GPS and ANT + sensor in the technical sunglasses that monitors your location and speed throughout the ride so you can track your progress in real-time.

In Addition To Cycling And Running, Solos Has Designed Its Smart Glasses For A Wide Range Of Activities.

I was excited to test the Solos Air-go smart glasses‚ÄĒuntil I tried the smart lens glasses on. The lenses are huge, and the black frames are bulky. At first glance, the Solos Air-go smart glasses look like a novelty item‚ÄĒone of those goofy gifts you'd buy at an airport kiosk before boarding a plane. But these smart glasses aren't just toys. The running aviator sunglasses are designed to help athletes train better and more effectively by providing performance metrics right in front of your eyes. While testing the smart glasses, especially the technical sunglasses, I found that solos cycling glasses were easy enough to use and very comfortable, but their usefulness depends on what kind of athlete you are and what kind of data you want to track.

The idea behind smart glasses and the technical sunglasses is not new. Google famously released Google smart glasses back in 2013, while other companies like solos cycling glasses have been developing similar products for years now. Most smart glasses such as the spy glasses with audio offer some combination of  () features, such as overlaying turn-by-turn directions or displaying text messages on a smart glasses lens such as the recording sunglasses amazon; voice control; and fitness tracking features similar to a Fitbit or Apple Watch. Solos Air-go smart glasses Review The Solos Air-go smart glasses and solo technology are the latest addition to the growing list of smart eyewear. I've been testing them for a month and can tell you that there's a lot to like about these smart glasses, but also some things to be aware of before you buy.

What Makes It A Good Choice For You

The good news is the running aviator sunglasses are comfortable and lightweight, fit well, and have great battery life. Solos cycling glasses are rainproof too and have an anti-fog coating to prevent condensation. But there are drawbacks too. For example, the touchpad on the right arm isn't exactly intuitive - it takes practice to get used to the spy glasses with audio. And while you can use your smartphone or smartwatch as the display for metrics like heart rate, power, and cadence, they're not easy to see while riding in bright sunlight.

The Solos Air-go ($300) is a pair of smart sunglasses or smart glasses that record your activity and provide metrics such as speed, distance, power, and heart rate unlike the recording sunglasses amazon. There is no option to add prescription lenses to the shades of solo technology. The smart glasses are available in a single size and they fit my face fairly well. Solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display comes with a charging cable and a drawstring bag. The smart glasses don't include a display or any audio cues, but it works with the Solos app (Android and iOS) to provide real-time feedback. You can use the app to record activities manually or set up an automatic recording for riding or running. 

The smart glasses or the spy glasses with audio have an optical heart rate sensor on the inside of the left temple which measures pulse through your skin, but you can also use an optional Bluetooth chest strap for more accurate information in solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display. While I like that you get real-time data, I wish there was a little screen or audio readout so I could see metrics without having to pull out my phone all the time unlike the recording sunglasses amazon. You can adjust some settings for the smart glasses in the app, such as choosing between miles and kilometres for distance measurements and setting power zones and calorie goals. By default, the Solos Air-go with solo technology will automatically record riding after five minutes at over 10mph (16km/h).

Smart Glasses 

The solos smart cycling glasses with heads up micro display designs are in their infancy. Most current amazon wayfarer glasses models are awkward and expensive, not mass-market products. But that's the way it always is in the early days of new technology. Thirty years ago computers were the province of hobbyists, who had to write their software and build their computers from mail-order kits unlike solos technology limited. Now everyone has one in their pocket. The same thing will happen with .

The first smart glasses probably won't be as cool as Iron Man's, but the amazon wayfarer glasses will be good enough to do simple things like giving you directions or telling you when your next appointment is. Solos technology limited gets better fast, too. It took decades for smartphones to get to where they are today; smart glasses like solos smart cycling sun glasses follow Moore's Law, not a slower pace set by human fashions. And we can expect the same kind of explosion of software apps once  smart glasses go on sale.

I'm excited about the amazon wayfarer glasses prospect because I love playing with new things and I think that this new technology will make life easier for a lot of people. But I also think solos technology limited will have practical benefits for my generation: people whose eyesight isn't what it used to be, who have trouble reading things that are far away or small or in a bad light.

Solos Air-go Features

Built on Android and premium optics, Solos‚ĄĘ Air-go smart glasses and solos smart cycling sun glasses are the most stylish smart eyewear. Connecting to your phone via Bluetooth, you get hands-free access to music, calls, texts, and other Apps when you use solos smart glasses running. The market-ready product is available in two frame styles and four colours. Solos‚ĄĘ Air-go smart glasses and solos bike glasses are available in two frame styles and four colours, Solos‚ĄĘ Air-go and solos airgo are designed for those who want the best performance without sacrificing style. Solos Air-go features include

  • Solos airgo Advanced technology can record your personal best and offer real-time data including speed, cadence, heart rate (with HR monitor), time, and distance
  • High tech glasses frames aerodynamic, lightweight design with a large optical-quality display for easy viewing
  • Solos bike glasses have three different modes: race, training, and route to help you improve your performance
  • A mobile app that shows all your data
  • A "buddy" feature in solos smart glasses running lets you connect with other cyclists or runners so you can see where they are in real-time

Solos Air-go Is A Smart Glasses. It Works In The Following Way

A computer is attached to the solos smart cycling sun glasses frame of the smart glasses, in which lies a software package and an app that can be downloaded directly to the smart glasses. The software of solos smart glasses running includes two cameras, these two cameras are used to record images and movements. In addition, there are several arrow keys on the right side of the smart glasses. Solos bike glasses up and down keys adjust the volume, while the left and right keys adjust brightness. Also, there is a power button on one side of solos airgo smart glasses. The Solos Air-go has an IP67 rating (dustproof and waterproof), which means it can be used at any time and anywhere.

About Solos

Solos (Solos-wearables) is a startup that makes smart glasses and high-tech glasses frames for athletes. Solos for high tech glasses frames have locations in New Hampshire, and Colorado and plans for additional stores in Delaware. Solos smart glasses such as the sport audio sunglasses are the first product from Solos, a company with roots in the cycling and wearable technology industries. Solos smart glasses such as the sport bike glasses have been built to help cyclists train smarter and safer, while still enjoying their ride. Solos smart glasses and Solos sport smart glasses are a manufacturer of smart eyewear products for the cycling market.
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