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Things you need to know about Smart Glasses

1. Why do people need smart glasses?

You know that you need a pair of smart glasses to enjoy the amazing technology that is available to you these days, and you are definitely right! Due to the increasing demand of eyewear, it has been said that consumers have started to spend more and more time searching for the best smart glasses on the market. Numerous cheap eyeglasses models have come in different shapes, sizes and materials that make it difficult for consumers to choose the right pair for themselves. Many cyclist sunglasses look great but are unnecessary, heavy or unrealistic for daily wear. It has been ten years since the first smart glasses were released. Since then, demand for these devices has increased exponentially with even more people purchasing them every year. 

Most people in New York own at least one pair of smart glasses or bluelight glasses today. However, not everyone knows what use they have for bluelight blocking lenses or how to best utilize them. The smart glasses market is still in its infancy and there are still some questions whether smart glasses have a place in our daily lives or not. 

Cool gadgets like smart glasses have become part of our daily life. From driving to talking, we rely on our smart glasses to get us from one place to another. People see gadgets for men like smart glasses as an extension of their own eyes. They are admired for enhancing our vision and helping us read and see more clearly. Several generations ago, people only owned simple, crude glasses. As technology advanced, the tech gifts became more sophisticated and included features like magnifying glass, which became an indispensable tool for exploration and learning. 

Smart glasses and computer glasses are a big trend right now and everyone wants one. But you don’t need a smartphone to use them or interact with the world around you. A pair of wearable technology like smart glasses has many of the same capabilities as a traditional pair of smart glasses but without any screen on them. Bluelight glasses make them perfect for someone who wants the added benefit of having information displayed directly in front of their eyes without having to take their eyes off the action.

Smart glasses are amazing. It has been said over and over again, but never more so than right now. According to recent research in Nevada, the global blind population will exceed 50 million by 2018. That’s 1 in 9 people around the world who are visually impaired and need prescription lenses. Most of these blind people live in developing countries where there is little or no access to effective rehabilitation services. Fortunately, new technologies like digital glasses are being developed to help improve the quality of life for blind people both indoors and outdoors.

If you are someone who struggles with keeping track of finances, smart glasses and bluelight glasses can make things much easier. Whether you need to carry a wallet with you everywhere or just want something easier to read than your old prescription lenses, smart glasses can make a world of difference. While you can get smart glasses that convert into laptops, it's usually not worth spending the extra money for something you’ll never use. Today, millions of people are wearing contact lenses. But a surprising number don’t know what benefits they could enjoy by replacing their existing lenses with smart glasses and eyewear.

Millions more could become educated about the various benefits of getting tech savvy, but fewer than 1% of those people are. Product’s appearance influences our expectations and beliefs about them even though they are cheap eyeglasses. We judge a product by its appearance first, rather than its functionality or legal status. Appearance is something we can directly influence through our choices. Regardless of whether or not smart glasses and mens eyeglasses become popular, their significant role in our lives will continue to be unknown.

Most people wearing smart glasses don't realize they are. It was only recently that people realized how visually impaired they can be. Prior to that, they either didn't realize or simply didn't care if they had poor vision. As a result, many people with disabilities are placed at a competitive disadvantage because of a lack of awareness, knowledge and access to resources. Smart Glasses, aviator sunglasses mens and aviator sunglasses for women  are made to aim at eliminating this barrier by giving blind people access to technology that would otherwise be inaccessible without specialized smart glasses. 

There is no doubt that today's youth are more tech-savvy than previous generations. This has resulted in an increase in the demand for stylish, quality technology products like polarized lenses. Smart glasses are becoming a favorite accessory for businessmen and movie stars alike. Even though the smart glass market is still in its infancy, here are some interesting facts about Nuvolex smart glasses that may interest you.

2. What's good about smart glasses?

The potential of Smart Glasses does not stop at the features and applications that the tech gifts offer. "Augmented Reality" is the first thing one thinks about when it comes to Smart Glasses. The ability to recognize faces and objects will become much more convenient when wearing spy glasses than using a smartphone camera. If the smart glasses identify people or objects in the face, the bluetooth glasses can completely add relevant information and images that make you feel the reality more fully. Imagine looking around the room, and the smart glasses will show facebook crowns on each person's head! Or you look at the Eiffel Tower, and the visual display glass rotates different angles and secondary information about the tower.


Tracking eye movement is an interesting topic. It was found on the Solos glass, a small sensor, wayfarer glasses believed to be an infrared sensor. With this sensor, bluetooth glasses, not only is it easy to detect "wink", but it is completely real to monitor eye movement such as "glance back and glance", "squinting stones", "eye support". In fact, there has been an application that allows taking photos by blinking. Solos has also signed up for the patent: move your eyes in pictures to unlock the screen when traveling by  sunglasses biking. Eye movement tracking can also be applied to many other areas, from advertising (see where users often look) to psychology. One day, you will play Fruit Ninja with your eyes!


Familiar apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, health apps (track running, cycling) will quickly be available on sunglasses headphones. Applications such as body language recognition, facial expressions to assess intention, emotions, attitudes will also become more convenient and interesting on Smart Glasses. With live movie shooting from the lens wearer's perspective, it's more fun to shoot actual (reality TV-style) scenes. Even if you want to film how to make a dish to put on Youtube, everything will be more lively.

3. Concerns and objections

Health effects

Some people who are using contact lenses when wearing additional smart glasses or ​​athlete sunglasses reported having headaches. Those who have had laser eye surgery are advised not to use these smart glasses.

Another problem is radiation waves. There have been some worries that the radiation waves of the sports eyewear may affect the brain.

People are also worried that smart glasses will reduce the concentration of work, when the information keeps showing right in front of the eyes with spy prescription sunglasses to disperse attention. Moreover, looking at the screen too much will also cause eye strain. Some people are concerned that "glass addiction," like facebook addiction, will reduce real human communication time and indirectly affect psychology and health.

Invasion of privacy

The biggest concern for this smart glass is the possibility that it is used to invade privacy. Of course, wearable technology like smart glasses and spy glasses should be banned in... toilets, escape clubs, cinemas, sensitive places, places that need security, or simply where photography is prohibited. Even in public places, no one wants to be photographed, recorded, and filmed. It's well known that people do those things too, but spy sunglasses theft is said to be much harder to detect.

Glass culture

If you are communicating and occasionally interrupting ads to digital gadgets "talk to smart glasses", it will be unusual. When interacting with the person wearing smart glasses, the opponent also feels more uncomfortable and precautioned. Smart glasses, digital glasses, bluetooth sunglasses and bone conduction glasses are a new product. Over time, people will get used to it and form the code of conduct accordingly.

4. Will smart glasses be a thing?

The "wearable computer" trend including wearable technology like athlete sunglasses is very promising. This great potential will spur research to remove current limitations, even turning restrictions into advantages. Speech recognition and motion recognition technology will have to develop further until spy glasses become truly powerful. Now from Apple, Google, Microsoft to Sony, Sample, LG and even home startups who are doing or planning to make glasses and smart watches. The world is waiting for a revolution in computer glasses. It could be cool gadgets like smart glasses, smart watches, 3D gaming glasses, 3D printers, bluelight blocking glasses, special rings or something else. It's just getting started...


These tech gadgets have a head-mounted display that displays information to users in a hands-free format. Users can also use voice commands to interact with the Internet on the go. Smart Glasses are like a normal pair of glasses, but offer excellent computing and functionality, along with a slim and compact appearance. Through glasses with changeable frames, you can get packets of information, sent through a separate communication channel that only you can access. Smart Glasses can also act as  spy glasses or recorders, thanks to advanced features such as high-quality HD image, audio and video recording, using voice commands, natural language or simple hand gestures. Smart Glasses also feature an acceleration, built-in location recognition, a turn-on, and more that continuously tracks your movement.


Smart glasses have the potential to become an eyewear trend in the future. If you are ready to embrace The Solos smart glasses product is a good place to start. The final decision depends on what is best for yourself and your lifestyle.
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