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What Are Smart Glasses

In the modern technology era, especially in New York,  all around us are equipped but smart items, including smart glasses, are no exception. Smart glasses will help you track your life conveniently, listen to music, locate,... In general, the purpose of  smart glasses is to provide life tracking services, while creating a platform for authentic photography and video. When combined with advanced practical technology (AR), smart glasses will become useful for everyone in family life and daily work. For example, to people in Maine instead of having to rush to mute a smartphone during a meeting, you may see a call coming and ignore it. Likewise, you can see the words on the glasses instead of using a handwritten note during the presentation. Let's find out in detail what smart glasses are? The structure and principle of operation of smart glasses! 

1. What are smart glasses?

Smart glasses are also known as bluetooth sunglasses. It is built like a computer because it is equipped with a screen background plus hardware used to show content in front of the reader. If you do not need to use it, equipped with a screen will not interfere with your immediate vision. Smart glasses can be spy glasses and have been around for a long time and were launched by Google in 2013 with the prototype Google Glass Explorer (the predecessor of Google Glass). Therefore, smart glasses products are also well known and are aviator sunglasses mens participated in by many tech companies. Smart Glasses can receive voice commands (currently only English is supported). This is the main way to communicate with smart glasses. 

You can tell your glasses to take photos, film, share to social networks, search, translate, guide, call, text, email etc. The eyewear smart glasses even automatically display information about the work schedule, flight, location, stock price, sports results, weather at the time it judges that you need this information. In addition, touchpad frames online allow the person wearing cheap eyeglasses smart glasses to control the smart glasses manually. Above the ear there is also a camera control button: to take a photo and to record a movie spy glasses. Because the wayfarer smart glasses are equipped with sensors, polarized lenses,  you can use head movement (such as nodding, shaking) to control the glass. 

These smart glasses can recognize when you remove them or put them on to automatically turn them on and off. After a while without use, the smart glasses will also automatically "sleep" to save battery, waking it up with the head up. You can also nod your head up and down to scroll through the list of commands on the screen.

2. Structure and principle of operation

The structure of sunglasses for sale smart glasses includes:

  • Smart glasses hardware: This is considered as the "brain" of the device's operation. As a result, the smart glasses can work smoothly as well as bluetooth sunglasses
  • Display: Usually has a curved, transparent screen, used to display images without affecting the user's visibility.
  • Audio transmitter: Used to transmit and control through the phone by bluetooth glasses connection. It will be transmitted directly through the user.
  • Microphone: You can do conversations with people by talking as usual without pulling out your phone from your pants pocket.
  • Camera: Great support in AR technology, applied a lot in daily life, best eyeglasses
  • Smart glasses camera
  • Principle of operation of cheap eyeglasses smart glasses: Smart glasses will display images through a prism, images from the projector will be "printed" directly on the cornea of the wearer. You will control them through your voice thanks to the microphone system, with language command syntax, frames amazon

3. Benefits of smart glasses

When you use sunglasses for sale smart glasses will bring you the following benefits:

  • Enhance AR experience: This is an important benefit. Bring you great experiences and slideshow images through your screen or device.
  • Act as a wearable: Smart Glasses are GPS-capable, bluetooth sunglasses, apps like Google Maps can also work on some smart glasses devices to help you conveniently track your path, easily move.
  • Entertainment: Without headphones you can also listen to music directly on the frames online smart glasses.
  • Enhance social security: You can recognize the face of the opposite person through the smart glasses. Therefore, you will know the potential offender, based on the database they already have.
  • GPS positioning polarized lenses

4. How smart glasses interact with the wearer

Currently, there are many ways to be able to interact with your smart glass device. You can control the glass manually through the buttons/touchpad above the frame, or you can manipulate it on your phone or tablet, smartglasses buy

In addition, nowadays thanks to the development of AI artificial intelligence, you can give voice commands to virtual assistants eyeglasses for sale either by gesture control or through the movement of the eyes. As a result, you will have an extremely convenient experience with your smart glasses without touching, buy glasses

5. Benefits that smart glasses bring

  • Enhance AR experience: This is probably the most important goal that manufacturers are aiming for. Projecting images through a projector or monitor will give you a more real AR experience. The technology of the future can be applied in many fields such as engineering, research, health or education, mens eyeglasses
  • Act as a mens eyeglasses wearable: Smart glasses will also be able to locate you through GPS technology, from which you can track the distance you have traveled. Better yet, apps like Google Maps can also work on some glass devices, so it's easier to navigate.
  • You can also listen to music through these smart glasses without the need for headphones because the glass is equipped with an automatic noise reduction device
  • Improve social security: Currently, there are a number of specialized smart glass glasses sport devices capable of scanning and identifying the face of the opposite person. As a result, security guards will detect potential offenders, based on the database they already have.

 6. Some issues to improve in the future

The universal usage: Since this is an extremely new device, how to universally use it for everyone will be a big question for manufacturers. Unlike phones that will have a specific function button for manipulations, the use of sunglasses running smart glasses will be almost through voice or gestures, and this will likely be a big challenge for older people.

Need to focus on improving the look experience: This is probably a feature that no manufacturer has really focused on. In the future, manufacturers need to be equipped with features such as focus adjustment to serve people with eye problems such as nearly, pessimism, or the ability to adjust the intensity of light passing through the glass when going out in the harsh sun, glasses sport

Ensure security during use: The smart glasses are now equipped with an additional camera and microphone hardware, eyeglasses for women, so ensuring this device can operate safely is something that manufacturers need to focus on. Because when it is possible to take control of the smart glass, the bad guys can collect a lot of information from users, serving bad purposes.

Safety when using the product: Because of the safety of participating in traffic, many countries have banned the use of this device during road travel to limit accidents. Therefore, the launch of dangerous warnings is essential to be equipped in future generations of products.

Fashion: Currently, best glasses smart glass devices do not look very fashionable because the design of these products is quite bulky and rough. Therefore, this is also a factor that airlines need to improve in the near future.

The price is still too high: The price of eyeglasses for women smart glasses on the market up to now (13/03/2021) is still quite high, not reaching a large number of consumers. However, this is understandable because any new product will have a great price, and only if this product is popular with more users can the price be reduced.


Imagine traveling with your family to an interesting place like California, have glasses amazon. Aviator sunglasses for women help you find flight information, and remind you not to miss the plane. Arriving, you ask for help from a well-rated hotel. Bluetooth glasses also show you how to say "sorry", "thank you" and "hello" in your native language to thank the taxi driver and the waiter. After that, the glasses will introduce you to a good restaurant for the family to eat dinner. 

Best glasses also detect and inform you that some friends are also traveling here. You immediately ask the smart glasses to call a person for you to inquire and make an appointment to go to the bar. At the local bar, the smart glasses bluetooth glasses received a celebrity, and displayed the latest status on her Facebook fanpage. After a few cups of wine, you even ask the smart glasses to investigate her three-ring measurements...


The next day, the weather is nice, the eyewear directions take you to a famous monument. Along the way, the eyeglasses usa also helps you translate some signs in the local language. Upon arrival, the spy glasses quickly recognized this monument, and displayed relevant information such as construction year, etc. You tell them to take a picture, film the couple playing with the kids, and put it on Facebook with a witty comment you came up with. When buying some souvenirs, you have to ask for local currency exchange spy glasses for your country's money, to imagine how expensive it is? Isn't it amazing how useful a pair of smart glasses can be, such a great technology!
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