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Solos Smart Glasses - Music, Talk Phone, Health & Fitness All in One

Solos Smart Glasses - Music, Talk Phone, Health & Fitness All in One - Solos Technology Limited


Glasses can be a fashion, or they can be a necessity to improve eyesight. Now there is a brand-new definition of it - a glasses for only for listening to music, monitoring your health, but also for working out.  All in one. It comes from the famous MIT’s research and it has been developed for certain years. Now SOLOS smart glasses are officially put into the market.

Smart glasses are actually not a new thing. Tracking back, apart from Google Glasses, Alain Mikli has introduced glasses with additional photographic lenses on the frame. When I visited Zeiss’ Headquarters in Germany last year, I saw a pair of virtual glasses in their research room which was under development. It tells that smart glasses have been constantly evolving but not many people used them because their applications are not comprehensive. Now, what I’m going to introduce is a pair of brand-new smart glasses – SOLOS smart glasses that would definitely suit everyone.

SOLOS was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. First of all, starting from the most basic appearance, there are currently 3 styles of frames for you to choose from. One of the styles is similar to Ray-Ban's Wayfarer frame style which suits many people’s face-shape. There are 2 colors available for each frame and all glasses are equipped with blue light lenses.

Solos Smart Glasses’ internal structure should be highlighted. In terms of design, it looks like a pair of normal glasses, but for the details, there are lots of “mystery”.  The design idea is based on the concept of Lego blocks, that is, the temples can be detached and attached from the frame front.  The left temple has a built-in lithium battery, and the right temple has all the sensor “buttons”. Besides, this design allows users to change different frame front styles, also they can buy a “Battery Temple Kit” including an extra left charging temple and a charging dongle for easy charging, thus the glasses can be all-day use.

Besides, there are many functions. First of all, the glasses must be connected to your smartphone.

Then you can use it for listening to high quality music because the frames are equipped with directional stereo speakers. With the patented Whisper Audio Technology, users can enjoy crystal clear phone talk even in a noisy environment.

In addition, if you are a sports enthusiast, when the glasses contact your phone with the official apps—SOLOS AirGo, its nine-axis sensing technology will surely make everyone use it to the fullest, including two programs, AI Coach and AI Care. The former can record the data when you are doing exercise in detail, the running distance, heart rate and calories burned are all recorded. The latter is more interesting. Take the improvement of sitting posture as an example, the sensor in the glasses can remind you whether your sitting posture is correct. Once you have a "head-down" situation, the voice in the glasses will remind you. If you adjust the settings, it can be water-drinking reminder so that a voice prompt will remind you to do so recurrently. For people who is health-conscious, SOLOS is an excellent helper.  

Even for some people with technophobia, this Solos Smart Glasses is still easy to handle because the brand has also already uploaded the glasses tutorial videos on YouTube. There is no excuse for not understanding.

Original source: HKET

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