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Solos smart cycling glasses will let you train like an Olympian

Solos smart cycling glasses will let you train like an Olympian - Solos Technology Limited

Google Glass is dead, but the smartglasses just keep on coming. Solos is the latest pair of connected specs that follow in the footsteps of Recon's Jet setup as they aim to become a cyclist's best friend.

These smartglasses claim to pack the smallest heads up display that looks very similar to the one that was built into Google's AR headset. Here cyclists will be able to glance at a host of useful data in real time including speed, cadence, heart rate. and power zones.

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It'll work with existing running apps like Strava and MapMyRide, offer navigation and is compatible with Bluetooth and ANT+ devices if you want to pair it with other cycling tracking kit.

The design has been inspired by heads up displays used by US military fighter pilots and has been built to sit nicely with cycling helmets for optimal peripheral vision. The optical display offers a screen four times larger than a fixed display and matches the biometrics of the eye to provide clear visuals.

Dual microphones and microspeakers are built into the frame to support voice prompts and there's an embedded battery that'll give you 6 hours of power. So it'll last for a long ride.

Solos has already been worn and used by the US Cycling team heading to the Summer Olympics in Rio for a few months now, so it's coming with an elite athlete seal of approval.

You don't have to be an Olympian to own a pair though. The Solos Kickstarter campaign has just gone live and is already nearing its $50,000 target. You can pick up a pair of the AR smartglasses in return for a minimum pledge of $250. That's significantly cheaper than its full $500 price. They're expected to start shipping in October so you'll have to wait a few months before you get your hands on them.


Source: wearble.com


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