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SOLOS Smart Glasses Now Available for Cyclists and Runners

SOLOS Smart Glasses Now Available for Cyclists and Runners - Solos Technology Limited

Today, SOLOS augmented-reality smart glasses went on sale to consumers. The glasses will let cyclists and runners get real-time metrics on their performance as they train through a four-millimeter screen mounted just within an athlete’s field of vision.

Though the glasses were originally designed strictly for cyclists, SOLOS (a unit of the Kopin Corporation) decided to expand the concept to fit the needs of runners. As well as the data display, the glasses also can play music and can be controlled by voice. A pair of SOLOS is available now for $499.

“SOLOS lets me keep my head up to stay safe and enjoy the view with the data I need, where I want it,” said Phil Gaimon, SOLOS athlete and pro cyclist who refuses to retire, in a statement. “I’ve also started enjoying music and phone calls through the onboard speakers, while keeping my ears free and fully aware of my surroundings when I am out on the road.”

Here’s what else you need to know:

– The latest SOLOS design used athlete feedback; riders can now access music, riding information and other data, all without looking away from the trail. Coaching integration also makes it easy to set goals and follow your progress from each training session.

– The United States Olympic track cycling team used SOLOS to train for the Rio 2016 Summer Games, but could not use the devices during races because of competition rules. The U.S. women won silver in the team pursuit, and signed back on with SOLOS for Tokyo 2020 this past April.

– Going on a group run or ride? Advanced group chat communication lets you stay in touch with fellow riders or a coach.

SportTechie Takeaway

A couple of other “smart eyewear” pieces have gone to market over the last few years. Recon Jet launched back in 2015 with the vision of becoming sports’ version of Google Glass. Jet even contains “Glance Detection” technology that will wake up the screen when a user glances down and turn off it when they look away. Designed by Intel, Jet also retails for $499.

In another recent advancement in eyewear technology, eSight designed glasses that allowed a legally blind girl to watch a Calgary Flames game. The eSight 3 glasses have a high-speed and high-definition camera that enhances the image she can see without them.

Source: Sporttechie

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