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Solos AirGo™ App


Solos AirGo™ is a specialized mobile app for solos® smart glasses’ users to benefit from an increasing feeling of well-being.
You can get guidance and motivation with Solos AirGo™ to build healthy habits that help you to achieve your targeted fitness goals.
The mobile app for everyone with Solos Smart Glasses: 




Posture Monitor

POSTURE MONITOR reminds to correct posture, especially good for those who always sit at computers.
Maintaining proper posture is one of the simple strategies to prevent back pain.

Posture Exercise

POSTURE EXERCISE provides desk-friendly exercise to help you stretch out your muscles to get your blood moving and prevent stiffness, helping you to avoid many health ailments.

Step Count

STEP COUNT tracks how many steps you take and how far you walk. Just input your correct information in settings, it is also used to calculate your walking distance and calories.

Stretch Exercise

STRETCH EXERCISE is a posture technique helping to improve your muscle flexibility and range of motion.


REMINDER is water-drinking reminder allowing you to set recurrent reminders for keeping you the intake of enough water daily.​






Basic Exercise

BASIC EXECRISE helps track your all-day fitness activity — distance, current pacing, moving time, step count and heart rate, also automatically calculates your current stride, current cadence and left-right balance based on certain factors.

Core Training

CORE TRAINING program includes a list of core exercises including plank, lunges, squats and sit up etc.  You can choose your levels, and even customize it by selecting your core exercises, setting your number of sets, rest time between exercise etc. It helps you to create a solid base for staying upright and standing strong.

Fat Burn

FAT BURN assists you to carry out fat burn exercise by simply following a series of walking levels. Each level is consisted of 3 sessions, Warm Up, Fast Walk and Cool Down, which is set to be completed around 30 minutes.

Posture Training

POSTURE TRAINING helps you to maintain in proper posture to keep your head straight during running, reducing the chance of causing neck, shoulders and back pain.

Interval Training

INTERVAL TRAINING involves a series of high intensity workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods, helping you to improve your aerobic capacity, benefit heart health as well as weight loss. 

Cadence Training

CADENCE TRAINING helps to train yourself to run at your optimal cadence in order to reduce over-striding and decrease the impact forces on your muscles and bones, minimizing the risk of injury.


Ready to start your fitness journey?

Solos Smart Glasses are compatible with most devices that have the following operating systems: Apple iOS 11 and higher, Android OS 7.0 and higher.

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