Hong Kong International Optical Fair Starts Today - Smart Glasses with ChatGPT Functionality Comparable to Mobile Phones  | 香港國際眼鏡展今起舉行 智能眼鏡加入ChatGPT功能媲美手機 | HK01 | AirGo™3

Hong Kong International Optical Fair Starts Today - Smart Glasses with ChatGPT Functionality Comparable to Mobile Phones | 香港國際眼鏡展今起舉行 智能眼鏡加入ChatGPT功能媲美手機 | HK01 | AirGo™3

香港國際眼鏡展由今日(8 日)起,一連三日在會展舉行,展覽匯聚 700 間來自 11 個國家及地區的展商,有公司在港研發智能眼鏡超過10年,盼望能透過展覽讓更多人知道智能眼鏡以及其好處。

新一代智能眼鏡加入 ChatGPT 功能,還可以接收短訊,原意方便單車運動人士使用,或可更普及。

參展商 solos 是美國公司,在港研發智能眼鏡超過 10 年,其智能眼鏡近耳位置設有喇叭,在前側設有麥克風,讓使用者可以打電話、聽歌、聽電台節目等。眼鏡柄為可拆的,使用者可配到同公司不同眼鏡。一副售價約為200至300元美金(約港幣 1565 至 2345 元)。現與眼鏡專門店合作,買家在網上購買產品後到眼鏡專門店配有度數鏡片,亦可在購買時輸入度數資料。

公司總經理張惠權指,產品原先設計供單車車隊使用,讓他們在比賽時溝通,其後再不斷改善以擴大市場。他指,產品的第一、二代只有普通功能,在第三代加入ChatGPT 功能,當使用者佩戴眼鏡時,用手機開啟solos的軟件,就能以語音方式向 AI 提問,答案會顯示在軟件,同時讀出。由於ChatGPT具翻譯功能,若兩位使用者佩戴眼鏡,就可做到即時翻譯。除此之外,當使用者收到短訊後,亦能透過語音方式要求讀出訊息內容,令運動中的人士不用拿出手機查看。

現時 solos 推出三大類眼鏡分別是普通平光智能眼鏡、太陽智能眼鏡以及運動用太陽智能眼鏡。張惠權表示,以前發現只有戴眼鏡人士喜歡智能眼鏡,隨後推出太陽智能眼鏡以及運動用太陽智眼鏡,以擴大市場。他表示,「好多人仲未好知智能眼鏡做到啲咩,所以今年開始做返啲 exhibition (展覽),推廣多啲智能眼鏡。」


Article below is translated by Solos Translation

Hong Kong International Optical Fair, which commenced today (8th), will be held for three consecutive days at the Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition brings together 700 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions. Some companies in Hong Kong have been developing smart glasses for over 10 years with the hope of increasing awareness about smart glasses and their benefits through the exhibition.

The new generation of smart glasses, equipped with ChatGPT functionality, can even receive text messages, making them convenient for cyclists and potentially increasing their popularity. Exhibitor Solos, an American company, has been researching smart glasses in Hong Kong for over 10 years. Their smart glasses feature speakers near the ears and a microphone on the front side, enabling users to make phone calls, listen to music, and tune in to radio programs. The glasses' frames are detachable, allowing users to switch them with other models from the same company. A pair of glasses is priced at around $200 to $300 USD (approximately HKD 1,565 to 2,345). Solos currently collaborates with optical stores, where customers can purchase the product online and have prescription lenses fitted at the store. Prescription information can also be entered during the purchase.

The General Manager of the company, Mr. Zhang Huiquan, mentioned that the product was originally designed for cycling teams to facilitate communication during races. It has since been continuously improved to expand its market. He explained that the first and second generations of the product possessed only basic functions, and the ChatGPT functionality was added in the third generation. When users wear the glasses and open the Solos app on their mobile phones, they can ask questions to AI using voice commands, and the answers will be displayed in the app, as well as read out loud. Due to ChatGPT's translation capabilities, two users wearing the glasses can achieve real-time translation. Furthermore, users can request the messages they receive to be read out loud, eliminating the need to take out their phones while engaging in physical activities.

Currently, Solos offers three categories of glasses: regular smart glasses, smart sunglasses, and sports smart sunglasses. Zhang Huiquan stated that initially, they found that only those who wear glasses were interested in smart glasses. As a result, they released smart sunglasses and sports smart sunglasses to expand their market. He expressed, "Many people still don't fully understand what smart glasses can do, so starting this year, we will participate in more exhibitions to promote smart glasses further."

Hong Kong International Optical Fair continues its "Exhibition+" hybrid model, providing a cross-regional and time-flexible trade platform for the eyewear industry. The online exhibition will continue until October 17th.

香港國際眼鏡展今起舉行 智能眼鏡加入ChatGPT功能媲美手機  By 鄧宇詩,  HK01. From https://www.hk01.com/article/959661?utm_source=01articlecopy&utm_medium=referral