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CES 2023 Solos Debuts Upgraded Audio Glasses | InsightMediaTV1 | AirGo™3

CES 2023 Solos Debuts Upgraded Audio Glasses | InsightMediaTV1 | AirGo™3 - Solos Technology Limited




I use a pair of audio glasses to make video news reports at tradeshows as the noise-cancelling microphone is a key reason my voice is audible and the background noise reduced to a minimum. Without these glasses, my comments would be very hard to hear. Everytime I playback a video for someone in the booth I just reported on, they are amazed at the audio quality and ask about the glasses.

At CES, the company that makes the glasses, Solos, introduced their third generation device. First, note that the stems of the glasses are detachable and Solos has dozen of different eyewear frames to choose from so you can change your look very easily - and add perscription lenses. What is new is the interface between the stems and eyewear which moves from a proprietary connector to USB-C.

They are also adding processing capabilities. That means the glasses can essentially be used to give the user a hearing test to determine if there is some hearing loss. With this knowledge, the system can compensate for any losses by signal processing the audio that is played back in the tiny speakers at the end of the glasses stems. This can help, for example, to better hear conversations in a noisey environment.

Down the road, they also want to think about doing simultaneous translation if the other person also has a pair of these audio glasses.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0-r3PGaDNU

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