Solos AirGo3 smart glasses combine AI with wearable tech | Techaeris | AirGo™3

Solos AirGo3 smart glasses combine AI with wearable tech | Techaeris | AirGo™3

Solos has announced the availability of its new AirGo3 smart glasses. Powered conversational AI through ChatGPT, and Smart Hinge technology that allows for prescription lenses and interchangeable front frame styles for fashion, sports, and everyday wear.

Solos AirGo3 smart glasses wearable AI platform combines the functionality of premium earbuds with fashionable eyewear and a voice assistant – in one convenient, lightweight frame intended for all-day wear. Here’s what the company’s press release had to say about these new to the market smart glasses.

SolosChat harnesses the power of AI and the most natural form of communication, voice. Within the Solos app, SolosChat allows users to ask questions and perform tasks by simply talking instead of pulling out a phone to text. SolosChat, powered by ChatGPT, has endless possible uses: summarize a specific topic of interest (“can you give me a summary of cold fusion nuclear power technology as if I’m a 5th grader”), gain insights on well-known tourist destinations while traveling (“I’m in front of the Mona Lisa, can you tell me more about this painting?”), or retrieve a recipe for convenient and hands-free reference when cooking (“can you give me a step-by-step recipe for chocolate chip cookies?”). Users can also copy and paste conversations with ChatGPT and share directly to social media, through text, or in an email, simplifying on-the-go communication.

One of the exciting new AI applications with AirGo3 is live language translation. SolosTranslate enables users to hear translated sentences whispered into their ear using the AirGo3 smart glasses without the need for a human interpreter or looking at their phone. This technology can transform international business meetings and foreign travel by allowing people to naturally converse and understand each other.

AirGo3 delivers clear and crisp audio with a volume of up to 100 decibels for music, podcasts, calls, and more. Patented Whisper Technology offers superior speech recognition that removes ambient noise for the best sound quality even in the noisiest environments – making it ideal for conversational AI through ChatGPT. The dual-direction speakers with an open-ear design allow for situational awareness when on the go to prioritize safety.

Activate Whisper Messages and Whisper Events within the Solos app to have messages automatically read aloud from text, WhatsApp, iMessage, Teams, calendar events and more, as soon as they are received. These hands-free, real-time notifications on Solos smart glasses frees users from constantly checking their phone.

The glasses also support an IP67 waterproof level, making them safe to wear in the rain or when working out, and provide 10 hours of music or 7 hours of call time on one charge, lasting all day.

Solos AirGo3 also provides an easy, all-in-one solution for prescription lenses. Simply upload a prescription at checkout, and the frames will be fit with high-quality prescription lenses. Anti-blue lenses come standard on each pair of Solos frames, to ease digital eye strain. Light-adjusting photochromic lenses and polarized sunglasses lenses are also available to cater to any vision need.

Combining cutting-edge technology with style, AirGo3 glasses are equipped with Solos’s patented SmartHinge design that allows users to swap out the front frame for customization that matches every occasion—whether it’s for sports, fashion, the office, and more. The frames are interchangeable using USB Type C charging connectors that provide personalization options to suit the user’s needs and are uniquely designed to fit different head sizes and shapes. Each style of frame offered by Solos was crafted with an eyewear-first mentality, with a lightweight and comfortable design for all-day wear, weighing only 30g.

AirGo3 Smart Glasses are available now in three different styles—Argon ($249-$299), Xeon ($199), and Helium ($199)—for sports, the sun, or daily wear, and offered in various colors on Additional frame styles will be released regularly by Solos and select eyewear partners. New updates to firmware and software will be done remotely, allowing users to enjoy added features immediately when available.

SolosChat, SolosTranslate, and Solos Fitness Coach are immediately available with purchase. An upgraded Premium Subscription for $9.99 / month includes enhanced text-to-speech services for more natural language AI, standalone use of the SolosChat without the glasses, enhanced AI performance, and more. All purchases made in 2023 will include three months of the Premium Subscription for free.

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