When the US cycling team heads to the Olympics in Rio this summer, it'll have an ace up its sleeve: training with smart glasses. Solos has worked with the team to create augmented reality glasses that show vital data in mid-ride (such as cadence and heart rate), making it ideal for athletes looking to push themselves a little harder. It talks to common cycling apps, too, such as MapMyRide, Strava and TrainingPeaks. However, the best part may be the availability -- Solos is running a crowdfunding campaign to get everyday cyclists using the eyewear.

As I write this, you can pledge $250 (normally $400) to get the glasses as soon as they ship in October. You might want to act quickly if you like the idea of having Olympian-approved biking data always within sight, mind you. The glasses will normally sell for $500, which is a lot to ask unless you spend most of your days racing on two wheels.


Source: engadget.com