Personalize Your Audio, Personalize Your Style

AirGo™ 2, the new generation of solos Smartglasses, evolving with our patented Whisper™ Audio Technology, Surround Sound and Personalized Frames which fit your own characters

Whisper™ Audio: Voice Extraction™

Whisper™ Audio: Voice Extraction™

Cancel out all ambient noise, only enhance the narrow beam speech signal from the user.

Longest Battery Life

Longest Battery Life

11 Hours of music streaming or 8 Hours of phone call, 2.5 Days standby time in one charge.

Personalize in Style

Personalize in Style

Build a pair of unique solos Smart Glasses most suitable for you with over 60 Frame Front design.

Crystal-clear phone calls no matter your environment with Whisper™ Audio Technology

Whisper™ is a unique patented noise cancellation algorithm. Providing a great ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) performance for voice assistance as well as crystal clear phone conversation for users at any environment.

It's all about Personalization.

Through solos AirGo Mobile App Configuration, fully customize the smartglasses's Sound Equalizer, Sensitivities, Reminder, Controls, etc.

Easy to Operate with Simple Gesture Control

Access to Digital Voice Assistant, Volume Control, Phone Calls on solos Smartglasses.

Short Pressing

Short Pressing

Short pressing the multi-function button to answer call and skip tracks.

Sliding on Temples

Sliding on Temples

Easily adjust the volume level by sliding the right temple.



Enabling Siri/Google Assistant with a natural double tap on the frame.

What's Included

solos AirGo 2 Smartglasses * 1 / charging cable * 1

carrying glasses case * 1 / cleaning cloth * 1 / product manual * 1

remark: cleaning cloth might be replaced with a glasses cleaning pouch.

Frequently asked questions

Can the lens be removed and changed?

Yes, the lenses are removable. Please refer to this tutorial video.

What is the battery performance of the smart glasses?

solos Smartglasses has equipped with the longest battery life in the industry.

In typical usage, the smartglasses battery lasts up to 60 hours on standby or approximately 11 hours of streaming music playback or 8 hours of continuous phone call.*

*measured with speaker output levels being set to 60%

Is there prescription lens option for the smart glasses?

Yes. For prescription lens, please consult optical or eyewear shops. 

What sound system does solos smartglasses use?

The smart glasses feature a semi-open dual-speaker design instead of bone conduction technology for the earphones. This design will not result in high vibration at a low frequency or a poor high-frequency response, and thus will not cause poor sound quality or distortion. The directional stereo speakers deliver high quality sound especially for listening 8D/9D music with the smartglasses.

What is the average weight of a pair of solos Smartglasses?

The smart glasses (exclude the lenses) weigh below 30 grams, which is in the same range as regular glasses.

solos Smartglasses' comfortability does not solely depends on the weight, with adjustable design, solos fit just like any regular optical or sun glasses.

How long is the warranty period?

solos Smartglasses comes with a 12-month limited warranty.

Will the solos Smartglasses get automatic updates and new features in the future?

Solos smartglasses’ mobile app supports both Android and iOS. We will continue to maintain the mobile app updated to enhance new features and customer feedback. The mobile app auto-updating features shall depend on your smartphone setting, so please check your mobile phone setting.

What is SmartHinge™?

solos Smartglasses is not only a wearable gadget but also a very humanized accessories which could be seen in the details of the design.

The patent-pending Lego®-style modular temples along with SmartHinge™ of solos’ smart glasses are designed for different frames’ compatibility to fit individual needs.

Allowing you to switch your favourite frames among different shapes, sizes, colors, materials to express your own fashion style.

What is Whisper™ Audio Technology?

One of a very distinctive features of Solos’ AirGo™ smart glasses is its built-in Whisper™ Audio Technology. 

Whisper™ is a unique patented noise cancellation algorithm developed solely by solos. Which adopts many state-of-the-art noise cancellation algorithms such as beamforming, normalized least mean square (NLMS), voice activity detection (VAD) and wiener filter. It cancel out all kinds of ambient noise and at the same time only enhance the narrow beam speech signal from the user.

With Whisper™ Audio Technology, the ambient noise can be reduced by 45dB which tremendously improves the signal to noise ratio (SNR) and results in providing a great ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) performance for voice assistance. As well as crystal clear phone call conversation for user at any environment.

Based on 70 reviews
Amazing UV coverage

Being in the film industry in LA, I needed blue light glasses that could protect me from both the sun and the screen–these are the ones for the job! The UV protection on these lenses is unmatched–they are unique because your eye is still visible from the other side, but there is enough tint to block out the LA sun even on the sunniest days. I find this to be a really useful and original feature in sunglasses because you can use them on-site in a work setting and still be able to make steady eye contact with others. It is super useful if you work outdoors. They offer a sporty look that is also equally professional, and the variety of colors lends itself to an array of styles.

Additionally, they come with built-in speakers that work surprisingly well. Oftentimes, sunglasses that double as headphones lack the sound quality necessary for that feature to be desirable, but these sound great and even distort outside noise. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt my ears to wear these all day, unlike some earphones. I do wish that these had a lanyard to wear around my neck as they are advertised as being made for sports and outdoor activities. Though they are tight enough around my head, the additional lanyard would allow them to stay on without a worry.

If you are looking for lenses that you can wear as a fashion statement as well as a practical means for listening to music or podcasts, these are the ones for you. They connect easily using Bluetooth, they look nice and have a variety of compatible colors, and are comfortable to wear all day. You will not miss out on these glasses!


These are OK for audio sunglasses, but probably a bit overpriced. On the positive side they are lightweight and attractive. They look like normal sunglasses. Bluetooth connects well, and the microphone quality is very good.

On the negative side, sound quality is just OK. Sound lacks depth and bass. Pretty typical for glasses of this sort.

great design

Good to block the strong UV light

My first smart glasses

I think like smart glasses as it fits for my head and the functions are great. I love listeninng to music while working in office. However, the price is a bit high.

Amazing glasses

I have had these for about 2 weeks now and they are amazing!! The quality is too notch can hear well and ease of use was great very comfortable also.

Quality, great sound, design aesthetics sleek!

Competitive Edge Smart Technology! The battery life longevity is awesome, and the interchangeable temple capabilities is dope. The style is very sleek and fashionable. The weight is good and the lens clarity is excellent!! Definitely will talk up the technology!

These are Awesome!

I use these for cutting grass and they work great! Sunglasses are good coverage and sounds loud and clear. My son wanted to borrow them.. I may not get them back now lol. Highly recommend.

Very good

I find myself torn over these glasses. I already have a pair of Solos Neon 1-2 sunglasses with mirror red lenses, as well as multiple pairs of Bose and Soundcore audio sunglasses, all of which are very good but -crucially - cheaper than the Solos AirGo2.

Now don't get me wrong, these are excellent glasses. The sound quality is on par with my Bose Sopranos, and I love the fact that they're blue light glasses that I can wear all day. The rest of my audio glasses are sunglasses, which mostly limits them to outdoor use.

My only real issue is that my Solos Neon 1-2 sunglasses retail at $199 while these retail at $299, and I really can't see any difference in performance. They both have 11 hours of battery life. They can both hook up to the app to take advantage of the extra features, and as far as my ears can tell the sound quality is more or less identical. While I'd happily recommend these glasses for what they are and what they can do, I'm not sure I could justify spending 33% more than the Neon 1-2 version without any obvious performance improvements to explain the price difference.

Might be useful for some people.

These glasses have many features that can simplify the way you use technology. The glasses are easy to connect to your phone and the app is easy to install. I like how the lenses also include a blue light filter. The lenses of the glasses are quite large and might not look the best on everyone. The Speaker quality isn't the best either, I would rather use headphones or speakers in most situations if I was listening to music. Overall these glasses are good if you want to be able to answer phone calls and do some of the other functions of your smartphone from your glasses.

Great for work!

I have a home office, which can get very noisy when my kids are home from school. solos solved that issue with some of the best noise cancellation technology I have used. When I use my audio glasses for work calls, no one can tell my kids are home. I love them!

Nice smartglasses

Generally speaking the smartglasses is good at the quality sound for music and phone call. However, the size is not fit for me. I think my head is too big for it! :-D

Perfect sound

The sound of solos smartglasses is perfect. However, I think your company needs to improve the battery life because now my temples I bought cannot last for 4 hours.

Pros and Cons

I really want to love these glasses. They have quite a lot going for them, but I just can't quite get there.

I've tested quite a lot of audio sunglasses in the last couple of years, and of them all I'd say that Bose have given us the most impressive offerings. Their range of Soprano, Tempo and Tenor set the benchmark against which I judge every other pair.

First let's look at price. The Bose range all come in at $250 at present, a price that's remained stable since their release. At $199 the Solos Neon glasses are significantly cheaper, but when you're in this price range I think $50 makes a lot less difference than it does between, say, $50 and $100. If I can buy a pretty good pair for $200 and an excellent pair for $250 I'm going to shell out the extra, unless I come up against a firm budget cap.

Now onto looks. The Solos Neon glasses look like, well, sunglasses. Most audio glasses are extremely bulky, with fat temples into which all the tech is squeezed. The Bose range suffer from that a little, but the Solos Neon frames are noticeably thinner. The temples are a little chunkier than you might expect, but at first glance you could mistake them for regular sunglasses.

They also look sporty, which is a rarity in the audio sunglasses world. The closest comparison from Bose would be their Tempo frames, but again they suffer from the chunky temples. I could imagine wearing the Solos Neon frames on a bike ride and I wouldn't look at all weird. They just look like regular sports sunglasses.

Now the sound, which is only OK. Solos have squeezed their speakers into relatively narrow frames, and this aesthetic choice has come at a cost. The sound is OK, and if you're new to audio sunglasses you might be perfectly happy with the novelty of the experience, but the sound is quite thin. There's barely any bass at all. and the mids and highs are pretty flat. I'd say that the overall sound quality is comparable to a pair of $50 earbuds.

If you're looking for excellent sound quality I'd recommend you look elsewhere. These are definitely useable, but they don't impress me. If, however, you just really like the look and you want a pair of sporty looking sunglasses that offer the ability to take calls and listen to a little music, you might enjoy these.


These shades are awesome!! They connect to your phone via Bluetooth like a set of wireless earbuds. They work in a similar fashion. The sound is crisp and loud, glasses hold a good battery life. The only thing is due to the way they are made, the speakers emit sound below your ear not straight in it meaning anything you play loud will be overheard so not great for phone calls. Work great for on the beach. Come with a nice case and cleaning cloth. So far love these.y new favorite shades!

Add oil Solos

Very convenient smart glasses in my daily life. Add oil Solos.

Frame too big

Good smartglasses but frame too big for me.

The anti-bluelight lenses is super!

Frankly I seldom use the technical function of solos glasses. But one thing really cool is its anti-bluelight lenses. I still keep using it while I work with my computer. My eyes feel very comfortable while I'm wearing it.

Nice smartglasses if....

I have got my SOLOS smart glasses long time ago. I like it as it's useful for my daily like talking on phone with it and sound is quite good. However, I don't like the colour of the lens which was much darker than the photos I saw before. I would prefer a pair of gray lenses instead of super dark one.

AirGo™ 2 Temples Kit
Golan Jason Lewkowicz
Next generation air pods

What a relief to not have to insert an ear piece into my ears. Really impressive technology. The glasses fit well, are lightweight and the battery lasts for days. Crisp sound, background noise cancellation and surround sound are surreal. Calibration tools in the app are really cool, makes a big difference as everyone as different hearing sensitivities.

AirGo™ 2 Temples Kit
Chun Kit Wong
Good production but durability may need to improve

This is the 3rd time I bought this product. Sound quality is good especially noise cancellation. However, battery was malfunctioned for my last two items and I hope this time will be lasted longer.

Biking with Solos

I purchased these glasses because the ear buds (of which I have many different ones) would pop out of my ears when biking. Also I have an Apple Watch , so the “buds” ( when they don’t fall out) are paired with my watch but it is a pain to adjust the noise level. Solos dark glasses work like a charm!! So easy to adjust the noise level and answer the phone and talk. Walking is just as easy. Pair with my phone and download a book to listen to. Easy to stop and talk to someone by just pushing the off button. Highly recommend Solos.

Very convenient and great product!

It’s very easy to wear and the sound quality is amazing! Although it took a bit time initially to get familiar with the basic / advanced functions, it’s definitely worth to spend the time. Fairly recommended!

Great set of glasses that offer a lot of functionality!

Check out my full review of the SOLOS below!

Luke @ Galaxy Tech Review YouTube video placeholder
My solos glasses

Nice eye glasses. I love it. The sound quality is good and I enjoy listening to calls and music. It's very clear when you receive a call. I love it.

Neon 1 Smartglasses | AirGo™
Prosper Jeanphilippe

It is stylish and useful. Got a compliment already.

Product Description

Experience the all-in-one convenience of having your audio, connectivity and fitness goals built right into your sunglasses. Solos smartglasses provide a 2-in-1 solution to sunglasses and headphones, combined. With music, phone, and voice assistance built right in, simply grab one device and you’re ready to run. Solos smart sunglasses feature technology that was developed by MIT scientists, including proprietary Whisper Audio Technology, which hones in on your voice, cutting out background noise, so you can have crystal-clear phone calls no matter your environment. Built-in gesture controls and easy access to digital voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant make everything from listening to music, answering calls, or performing a search easier than ever while biking, boating or jogging. Key for active lifestyles, Solos Neon 1 smart sunglasses are ideal for running, walking, hiking, and more - allowing for superior music-listening quality that still allows for situational awareness. Solos is there, wherever you need your favorite playlist to keep you going. Includes 1 pair of Solos smart sunglasses, microfiber carrying pouch charging cable and user manual. Specs: Solos smart glasses support Android and iOS - 11 hours of music streaming or 8 hours of phone call time - Bluetooth Range: 33 feet - Quick charge: 15 mins for approximately 3 hours of operating time - Normal Charge: 1.5 hours to full charge

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