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Best of CES 2016: The 17 Coolest Things We Saw

Best of CES 2016: The 17 Coolest Things We Saw - Solos Technology Limited

Companies have been trying to do away with the cumbersome (and distracting) act of checking your smartphone in mid-ride for some time, usually by replacing it with another screen mounted to your bike. Solos cycling glasses aim to put that screen on your face — or at least in your peripheral vision, making it easier to see how your ride’s going in the moment and analyze your performance stats and GPS directions. The text on this 4mm display looks easy-to-read without getting in the way, and it can be customized within an app. Soft ear grips and speakers round out the sides of the glasses. And if you already have a fitness tracker, you can connect it to the Solos and get on with your ride. The Solos charges via MicroUSB and can last for about 10 hours. [$499; solos-wearables.com]


Source: mensjournal.com

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