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solos®, created under Kopin Corporation, is a top 15 nanotechnology company, and is dedicated to inventing the world’s most advanced smartglasses technology with a human-first approach. solos’ guiding principle is to satisfy the needs of all people, bringing technological advances to everyday life effortlessly. solos’ MIT engineers have a passion for developing innovative technology to enhance and provide an exceptional customer experience through voice extraction technology, crystal-clear audio, and diverse style.


To innovate glasses to be smart, comfy and cool

Our Leading Edge 

Technology & Application

Solos® is committed to the development of smart glasses designed to cater to various lifestyles, offering a comprehensive, intelligent eyewear solution. Our glasses are equipped with patented, innovative technology.

The Solos® vision is to be lighter, smaller, smarter and better, all while delivering innovative, safe and intelligent solutions.


SmartHinge™, the world's first modular smart glasses by Solos®. Our frames are designed to be interchangeable, providing versatility and allowing you to personalize your audio, fitness, style, and more. With an ergonomic design and lightweight construction, our smart glasses offer a comfortable all-day wear experience.


Whisper™ Technology

Whisper™ Technology, the cutting-edge voice extraction technology featured in Solos® smartglasses. Experience crystal-clear communication, even in noisy environments, thanks to this advanced technology. With 360-degree surround-sound audio and directional stereo speakers, users can enjoy an immersive and captivating audio experience.

Technological Innovation

100+ Patents

With over 100 patents, Solos® is an expert in developing innovative technology designed for every lifestyle.
To learn more about the patents owned by Solos®, please refer to the link below:
Patents Owned by solos®


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