Solos Chat Powered by ChatGPT 

Solos is changing the way people interact with the world, harnessing the power of AI and the most natural form of communication: voice. Powered by the Solos app, AirGo™3 offers ChatGPT/OpenAI capability for voice search, translation, texting, and more. Users can also copy and paste conversations with ChatGPT and share directly to social media, through text, or in an email, simplifying on-the-go communication.

Conversational AI capabilities through a comfortable, lightweight form factor will also change the way we live, work, and interact - enabling users to communicate in any language, anywhere, without needing to look at a phone, access information safely on the go, and stay present in current surroundings by consuming information audibly through an open-ear design.

Whisper™ Message & Event

Activate Whisper™ Messages and Whisper Events within the Solos / AirGo™ app to automatically have messages read aloud from text, WhatsApp, Teams, calendar events and more, as soon as they are received. 

Whisper™ Audio Technology

One of a very distinctive features of Solos’ AirGo™ smart glasses is its built-in Whisper™ Audio Technology. Whisper™ is a unique patented noise cancellation algorithm developed solely by Solos which adopts many state-of-the-art noise cancellation algorithms such as beamforming, normalized least mean square (NLMS), voice activity detection (VAD) and wiener filter …etc to cancel out all kinds of ambient noise and at the same time only enhance the narrow beam speech signal from the user. With Whisper™ Audio Technology, the ambient noise can be reduced by 45dB which tremendously improves the signal to noise ratio (SNR) and results in providing a great ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) performance for voice assistance as well as crystal clear phone call conversation for user at any environment.

  • Immunity from noise to give clean voice
  • No nonlinear distortion to give High ASR Rate
  • Patented proprietary design for audio performance
  • Highly optimized to run at digital signal processor (DSP) in real-time.

Directional Stereo Speakers

The unmatched open-ear directional stereo speakers inside AirGo™ create sound outputs like light beams, aiming to the ear direction to reduce sound leakage in order not to disturb others around you. These directional stereo speakers allow you to soak up the atmosphere of thrilled music on the go while people around you even don’t know you are enjoying your favourite music. The semi-open ear speaker design is not only providing privacy and comfort, but also lets you alert the surroundings. High-quality surround sound effect can be experienced using AirGo™ smart glasses at any time and any place. You deserve to enjoy 100% care-free audio enjoyment with AirGo™!

The World’s 1st Modular Design

Solos’ AirGo™ smart glasses is not only a wearable gadget but also a very humanized accessories which could be seen in the details of the design. The patent-pending Lego®-styled modular temples of solos’ smart glasses are designed for different frames’ compatibility to fit individual needs, allowing you to switch your favourite frames among different shapes, sizes, colors, materials to express your own fashion style. While different styles of glasses frames are adaptable, the modular temple can also be replaced as a backup battery for all-day purpose. Apart from the detachable temples, there are some changeable items on the smart glasses:

  • Frames
  • Nosepad
  • Lenses
  • Temple tips

Posture & Motion Sensing

Our advanced hardware technologies allow to make our smart glasses functions much easier to control by gesture. User can just simply tap the smart glasses to play/pause his/her favourite music or activate Siri or OK google voice assistance; slide forward or backward to adjust volume and accept or reject incoming call; tune on/off audio when glasses is put on/off. By using 9-axis sensor and Solos AirGo™ Apps, AI Coach and AI Care were developed to take care of your health in daily life. AI Care can track your posture and remind you with voice prompt when you are in an improper posture for a period. AI Coach analyses data recorded by the sensor and then provides you feedback to help you doing exercise or fat burn. It also provides real-time running parameters such as distance, pacing and cadence to improve your running performance.