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SOLOS releases next generation of its Smart Glasses, adds running features

SOLOS releases next generation of its Smart Glasses, adds running features - Solos Technology Limited

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. (BRAIN) — SOLOS, a unit of Kopin Corporation, has announced the second generation of its Smart Glasses. The latest version adds running features and introduces enhanced software to facilitate real-time coaching and enable group communication.

The new version also adds the ability to listen to music.

"The first generation of SOLOS was designed with feedback from USA Cycling athletes and early adopters, and now we're using those insights to expand into running," said Ernesto Martinez, program head for SOLOS. "As experienced athletes know, when you look down at your watch, your form suffers; you slow down and this affects your finishing times. Add to this taking the time to scroll through features on your smartwatch, bike computer or music device, and those seconds start to make the difference between an average performance or your personal best. SOLOS lets you stay focused on the road and on your performance."

The new generation of SOLOS offers over five hours of battery life, horizontal and vertical display adjustment for a customizable view, earbuds and audio projection speakers positioned at the temples to improve the overall audio experience. The display's patented technology provides a large virtual image, yet is small enough so athletes can stay focused on the road ahead and simply glance at information as needed. Athletes can now control SOLOS using their voice to bring relevant metrics into view.

"We're thrilled with the new platform integrations and upgrades because they pave the way for expansion into many other sports and fitness markets in the future," says Tom Futch, the senior vice president of SOLOS. "The SOLOS platform provides athletes with an enhanced experience that moves beyond traditional wearables and sensors to now inform, inspire and guide them to achieve to their full human potential."

SOLOS is compatible with Android Wear 2.0 and a variety of BLE and ANT+ compatible running and cycling sensors, allowing athletes to use Strava, Training Peaks and Under Armour apps.

The new SOLOS Smart Glasses will be available in Q1 2018 for $499. More information at SOLOS-wearables.com.

SOLOS releases next generation of its Smart Glasses, adds running features
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