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Solos Smart Glasses – Far More Than Just Music.

Solos Smart Glasses – Far More Than Just Music. - Solos Technology Limited


Smart glasses on the market generally only have music playback and call functions. This time I’ve tried the Solos smart glasses from the United States. In addition to the breakthrough of its call function, it is also equipped with the posture monitoring function. This all-day use glasses is truly fit for those health-conscious people.



Patented Design for Swapping Frame Style and Battery Temple

Solos smart glasses look like a pair of normal all-day glasses. However, users can swap different frames and lenses up to their preference by the detachable temples. The technology is actually embedded in both sides of the temples. The weight of the two is quite balanced, and there is no uneven weight when wearing. The temples of the glasses are equipped with sensors, which support functions such as volume adjustment and receiving phone calls. The battery can be used continuously for 3 hours, and the standby time is 16 hours. It supports fast charging, if you charge it for 15 minutes, then you can use the glasses for 1 hour with power. More durable than ordinary smart glasses, you can also change the style by purchasing the frame-front parts separately.


▲Solos Smart Glasses look similar as normal glasses.


▲A variety of frame options are available.


▲It is not much different from ordinary glasses when it is worn.


▲Components are embedded in the right temple whilst the battery is  in the left temple.


▲Use metal contacts to charge magnetically.


Directional Stereo Speakers for Quality while Patented Whisper™ Audio Technology for Crystal Clear Phone Call

Both temples of the Solos smart glasses are equipped with a speaker. When music is being played, directional stereo sound from the dual speakers can be clearly listened.  Instead, the patented Whisper™ Audio Technology (which is a noise cancellation technology) is for phone call. The strength of the function is that even the user is in a noisy environment, the other party will not hear the background noise, instead he can have a clear conversation.


▲You will hear directional stereo sound when the music plays.


Support Solos AirGo App and Posture Monitoring

Solos smart glasses support Solos AirGo App, which is compatible with iOS and Android.  By using the 9-axis sensing technology, the glasses and app help to achieve multiple AI health functions. AI health includes posture monitoring, step count, and water drinking reminder functions. The posture monitoring function measures the user's posture. When your posture is not good, there will be voice prompt to remind you to improve your posture.


▲The posture monitoring function will measure the posture of the user.


▲There will be a voice prompt when your posture is not correct. Then it will gradually help improving your posture problems.


Solos smart glasses are priced at HK$2,380. From June 26 to 28 2020, there is a Pop Up Store on the 1st floor of THE FOREST on Nelson Street in Mong Kok. You can get a 15% discount and get a battery temple kit as gift.

 Solos smart glasses pricing: HK$2,380

Source: DC Fever 

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