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Solos smart glasses hit their Kickstarter target

Solos smart glasses hit their Kickstarter target - Solos Technology Limited

A Kickstarter fund is helping the world’s smallest heads-up display for cyclists get closer to becoming a reality. With more than 40 days left until it stops accepting backers, the fund for the Solos smart glasses has already hit its $50,000 target.


The solos app is the control center of the glasses: the solos app is the control center of the glasses Courtesy (BikeRadar edit)


The Solos sunnies need the app to connect to external sensors and display GPS information

The people behind Solos have been working with USA Cycling to develop eyewear with an integrated ‘pupil-scale’ display to show real-time performance metrics like speed, distance, heart-rate and power.

Similar to Garmin’s Varia Vision system, the Solos sunnies don’t have any built-in sensors. Instead they will get their data by piggybacking onto any smartphones, GPS devices, bike computers and power meters you might use, via Bluetooth and ANT+ connections.

The display arm can be moved up or down depending on the wearers prefrence:

The small display can be moved along the right side of the lens to the wearer’s desired position

The accompanying Solos app, available for iOS and Android, will also allow for routes and turn-by-turn directions to be displayed in the eyepiece, and any data gathered during a ride to be downloaded to the training software of your choice.

Although the prototypes suggest the micro display is permanently attached to the right arm of the glasses, it can be moved up and down to ensure it doesn’t obstruct the rider’s view. But, assuming they go into production, readers in the UK and Australia – who ride on the left – may encounter problems when looking over their shoulder to spot passing cars.

The Solos are also set to have a microphone integrated into the nose bridge and speakers built into the arms, enabling you to take calls as you ride. The speakers, which will also provide audio cues for training targets, sit away from your ears so as not to drown out the noise of any approaching traffic.

A high-density Lithium-Ion battery will also be built in to the frame, which Solos claims will provide sufficient charge for six hours of use. Solos says that, even with the battery and all the built-in tech, the glasses will weigh only 65g.

Set to retail for US$500 (approx £340), early birds on Kickstarter will be able to grab a pair for half price, although it appears they’ll only be available in North America to begin with. 

Source: bikeradar.com

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