About solos®


Solos is developing the world's most advanced smart glasses technology with a human-first approach. Born out of Kopin Corporation (NASDAQ:KOPN) with MIT engineers, Solos combines industry leading wearable electronics with the comfort and style of traditional eyewear. With an IP portfolio of over 100 patents and patent applications, the 4x CES Innovation award-winning AirGo technology is changing how we interact with the world.


To innovate glasses to be smart, comfy and cool


solos® is dedicated to developing smartglasses that designed to meet the needs of all lifestyles, providing an all-in-one, smart solution to eyewear. Equipped with patented, innovative technology, solos smartglasses are not your average smartglasses.

Featuring Whisper™ Audio Technology, the latest in voice extraction technology, solos smartglasses provides crystal-clear communication no matter the noise level of the environment for up to 7 hours of calls. With 360-degree surround-sound audio and directional stereo speakers, users can enjoy 10 hours of music playback for an immersive audio experience.

With SmartHinge™, the world’s first-modular smartglasses, solos’ frames are interchangeable, ergonomically designed, and are lightweight for a comfortable all-day wear. Personalize your audio, fitness, style, and more.

Well Protected by Over 100 Patents

With over 100 patents, solos is an expert in developing innovative technology designed for every lifestyle.