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Frequently-Asked Questions

Appearance and Accessories 

+ Where is the operation area for the tap / double-tap feature? 

You can tap anywhere on the frames or temples for the features.  


+ Can the frame temples be heated and bent? 

No. The frame temples of this smart eyewear product contain electronic components which could be damaged if the glasses are heated or bent, thus resulting in the product malfunctioning. However, you can bend a bit the end tips as it is adjustable for your head fit.  


+ What should I do if my smartglasses are uncomfortable to wear or feel too tight?  

It is advised that you take your smartglasses to an authorized Solos’ partnered optical shops for adjustment. If you are taking the glasses to an unauthorized repair center, do not allow your glasses to be heated up or bent, as this could damage the electronic functions. 


+ Can the lenses be removed?  

Yes, the lenses are removable. Please refer to the tutorial video.   

If you buy the smartglasses from our authorized optical shops, you could let the optical professionals to help you with this.



+ How to clean the smartglasses? 

As this product contains electronic components, we recommend you clean it with care.

Step 1: Detach the frame front from the temples gently.

Step 2: Use an alcohol-free lens wipe to clean the lenses, and then dry it with a soft cloth.

Step 3: Use a soft and dry cloth to clean the frame front and temples.

Step 4: Use a dry cotton bud to clean the contact points in the hinges and temples.

Step 5: Idle it until it is entirely dry.

Step 6: Attach the temples into the frame front.

Please do not use chemicals, abrasive materials, ultrasonic cleaners, alcohol, acetone, and other solvents may damage the frame’s finish and electronics. The smartglasses should not be rinsed under running water, sprayed by liquid, or submerged in an ultrasonic cleaner.

For the details, please refer to the Frame Front user manual


+ Do I have a prescription lens option for my smartglasses? 

For the prescription lens, you can take your smartglasses to any optical eyewear shops to get your own prescription lenses because our lenses are swappable.


Charging and Power Consumption  

+ What is the battery performance of Solos smartglasses? 

Battery performance depends on the content played and the volume at which it is played. In typical usage, the smartglasses battery lasts up to 16 hours on standby or approximately 3 hours of streaming music playback*. 

 *measured with speaker output levels being set to 60%


+ How to charge the Solos Smartglasses?

There are 2 methods to charge up the smartglasses.

Method (1) – Use the bundled Magnetic Charging Cable.

First of all, DO NOT detach any temples from the frame front if you use this method to charge your smartglasses.

Step 1) Connect pogo pins connector of the magnetic charging cable to smartglasses’ charging port.

Step 2) Plug USB connector of the charging cable to USB charger or laptop.

Step 3) The right temple’s LED shows in red color during charging and it turns to blue color after fully charged.

*Please note that the smartglasses will be automatically power off when it’s under charging. When disconnect pogo pins connector from the right temple, the smartglasses will power on and reconnect to last paired phone automatically.

Method (2) – Use the Battery Temple Kit

The Battery Temple Kit contains a charging dongle, a battery temple (the left temple) and a USB Type C cable.

Step 1) Plug the USB Type-C cable’s USB-A connector into a power source’s port.

Step 2) Plug the USB Type-C Cable’s Type-C connector into the Type-C port of the charging dongle.

Step 3) Plug the battery temple (the left temple) into the charging dongle. When the red light is on, the battery temple is being charged. Until the light turns to blue, the battery temple is fully charge.

Step 4) When the temple is fully charged, pull out the battery temple and connect it back to the smartglasses. Then, the smartglasses have been filled up with power.


+ What should I do if I encounter any one of the issues during the operation of the smartglasses?

1) Cannot power on the smartglasses even though the smartglasses is fully charged, or

2) The LED signals of the smartglasses does not respond correctly, or

3) The speakers or either one of the speakers cannot perform.


To solve above-mentioned issues, please detach the frame front from the temples gently and use a dry cotton bud to clean the contact points in the hinges and temples.  Then attach back the temples to the frame front. Try to use the smartglasses again. It would be back to normal.


Connection and Pairing  

+ How many devices can pair with the smartglasses at once? What happens if I have several Bluetooth-enabled devices? 

The smartglasses keep track of the last eight devices to have paired and connected with them, dropping the least recently used when a new one is paired. 

When in Bluetooth mode, the smartglasses searches for and connects to the most recently connected active Bluetooth-enabled device. If that device is unavailable, the smartglasses will attempt the next most recently connected device. 


+ How to connect the Solos smartglasses to my smartphone?

Long press the multi-function button for 5 seconds to power on the Solos smartglasses until its LED flashes in red/blue color and “Pairing” voice prompt is heard. Turn on Bluetooth connectivity of your phone and put the smartglasses right next to your phone. Open Bluetooth settings on your phone and select “Solos AirGo”. The LED on the right temple will flash in blue color only after it is paired to your phone. Then it’s ready for call and music.  Solos smartglasses can be paired up to 8 devices. To learn more, please refer to the tutorial video.


Power On/Off  

+ How do I power on / off the smartglasses?

Power On:

Before power on, please confirm that the left and right temples are attached to the glasses frame front. Long press multi-function button for 2 seconds until Power Status voice prompt is heard, and it’s LED flashes in blue color. The smartglasses will reconnect to last paired phone automatically.

Power Off:

Method (1) – To power off the smartglasses, long press multi-function button for 3 seconds until “Power Off” voice prompt is heard, and its LED will turn off.

Method (2) – The smartglasses will power off automatically if it is not put on for 3 minutes.

To learn more, please refer to the tutorial video


Product Introduction  

+ How do I control the volume on the smartglasses ? 

You can increase the volume by sliding backwards on the right temple (which means sliding toward to your ear). To decrease the volume, sliding forwards on the right temple (which means sliding away from the ear). To learn more, please refer to the tutorial video.


+ Does the smartglasses use bone conduction technology?

No, the smartglasses feature a semi-open dual-speaker design instead of bone conduction technology for the earphones. This design will not result in high vibration at a low frequency or a poor high-frequency response, and thus will not cause poor sound quality or distortion. The directional stereo speakers deliver high quality sound especially for listening 8D/9D music with the smartglasses.


+ What is the water resistance rating? Can I use the smartglasses during raining?

Solos smartglasses has equipped with IP54, the international IP rating for both dust and water resistance, it is protected against water splash and rain from all directions.


+ How heavy are the Solos smartglasses?

The smartglasses (exclude the lenses) weigh below 30 grams, which is in the same range as regular glasses.


+ What is semi-open dual speaker design?

Unlike a general opened or sealed speaker, Solos smartglasses uses a directional stereo speaker design that transfers sound to your ears in a directive manner. The semi-open directional stereo speakers deliver excellent sound effects whilst they let you alert the surroundings to avoid unnecessary risks.


Purchase and Aftersales Services  

+ How long is the warranty period?

The Solos smartglasses comes with a 12-month limited warranty.


Software and Application  

+ What apps work with Solos smartglasses? 

Solos smartglasses use Bluetooth connectivity, you can access any app that’s on your mobile device. Examples include: 

Music services like Spotify® and Apple Music 

Voice communication apps like Zello, WhatsApp and Skype 

Navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze 


+ How to enable caller ID announcement?

Your smartglasses can announce the caller’s name if you try the following steps on your smartphone.

For Android phones:

Step 1: Click the “Settings”

Step 2: Tap “Accessibility”

Step 3: Select “Interaction and dexterity”

Step 4: Tap “Answering and ending calls”

Step 5: Simply turn on the option next to “Reader caller”

Step 6: Tap the “Read caller names aloud” on, then select “With Bluetooth or headset only”

For iOS phones:

Step 1: Click the “Settings”

Step 2: Tap “Phone”

Step 3: Tap “Announce Calls”

Step 4: Simply press “Always” to turn on the function

Step 5: Select “Always”, “Headphones & Car” or “Headphones Only” according to your need. Do NOT select “Never”.


+ Are all phones compatible with Solos smartglasses?

Solos Smartglasses are compatible with most devices that have the following operating systems: Apple iOS 11 and higher, Android OS 8.0 and higher.


+ Will the Solos smartglasses get automatic updates and new features in the future?

Solos smartglasses’ mobile app supports both Android and iOS. We will continue to maintain the mobile app updated to enhance new features and customer feedback. The mobile app auto-updating features shall depend on your smartphone setting, so please check your mobile phone setting.


+ I have no idea whether your smartglasses styles are suitable for me or not. How can I know it before purchasing?

You can download our App – “Solos VTO” to virtually try on our smartglasses. Download for free. Try it, have fun and welcome to share Solos VTO around.

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