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How to Choose Your Frames?

A Comprehensive Guide to
Achieving Fit and Comfort with solos Smartglasses

Essential Tips for Finding the Perfect Pair of solos¬ģ smartglasses.
Two Methods for Measuring Your Face and Glasses to Choose the Perfect solos¬ģ¬†smartglasses

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Method 1: Using a Credit Card for Easy Face Measurement

Take any credit or debit card. Stand in front of a mirror or place your smartphone somewhere steady and use your selfie camera.
Small size
Place the credit card on the bridge of your nose and under your eyebrow.

medium size

large size


Method 2: Use Frame Width to Find your Smartglasses of the right size


Measure your current glasses horizontally across the front of the frame, starting from one hinge and extending to the other hinge.

Use the above measurement to find Solos Smartglasses with similar frame width

134 mm - 135 mm
Argon 4S, Argon 6S, Argon 8, Xeon 5, Xeon 5S & Helium 1  

140 mm - 141 mm
Helum 2-1 & Helium 2-2,  Argon X, Argon X ZEISS & Argon X Photochromic

143 mm
Argon 7

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