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User Guide - Battery Temple Kit

Product Overview

Model no.
SKU: AKASY-0005-01-01


What’s in the Box
1. Charging Dongle 
2. USB Type-C Cable
3. Battery Temple (Left Temple)


How to charge your Solos Smart Glasses with battery temple kit?

Step 1 Plug the USB Type-C cable’s USB-A connector into a power source’s USB-A port. 





Step 2 Plug the USB Type-C Cable’s Type-C connector into the Type-C port of the charging dongle.





Step 3 Plug the battery temple (the left temple) into the charging dongle.






When the red light is on, the battery temple is being charged.





Until the light turns to blue, the battery temple is fully charge.





Step 4 When the temple is fully charged, pull out the battery temple and connect it back to the smart glasses. The smart glasses have been filled up with power.






Input voltage
Input current
Charging current
Full charging time
Operation temperature
Storage temperature 
4.7 - 5.5V
< 500mA
< 130mA
Up to 90 minutes
5°C ~ 40°C
-15°C ~ 50°C





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