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These Smart Glasses Are What The US Olympic Cycling Team Uses

These Smart Glasses Are What The US Olympic Cycling Team Uses - Solos Technology Limited

Given the competitive nature of sports, it is natural that athletes are always trying to look for (legal) advantages that would give them the edge over another athlete. Now if you are particularly competitive and you enjoy cycling, you might be interested in these pair of smart glasses called the Solos.

Why the Solos? Apparently the glasses are being used and was also helped developed by the US Olympic cycling team, so obviously they know what they want in a pair of smart glasses in order to maximize their training. Given that they are smart glasses, we guess it is pretty obvious that they rely on augmented reality tech.

This will allow the wearer to see information overlaid on their glasses which includes their speed, their cadence, their heart rate, the amount of calories they’ve burnt, distance, elevation, and the different power zones. It will also allow for maps and navigational functions, and also the ability to race against yourself based on data from previous rides.

Not to mention the overall design of the glasses does exude a sporty vibe, versus other smart glasses which we’ve seen in the past, like the original Google Glass, whose design many did not seem to like very much. In any case the creators of the Solos are on Kickstarter trying to seek funding to make the glasses more commercially viable, so head on over if you think you’d like to lend a hand.


Source: ubergizmo.com

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