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A FRESH EYE ON AI | 人工智能 另「眼」相看 | Design Inspire HKTDC | AirGo™3

A FRESH EYE ON AI | 人工智能 另「眼」相看 | Design Inspire HKTDC | AirGo™3 - Solos Technology Limited


Kenny 從事無線通信和微顯示技術工作超過三十年,涉獵數碼產品、手機、相機、智能手錶、智能電視等多個範疇,於 2019 年創立 Solos® 所樂思科技有限公司,與一班經驗豐富的工程師和眼鏡設計師專注研發智能眼鏡,至今已擁有超過 100 多項針對智能眼鏡而設的專利技術。「產品生產出來,最開心就是看到有人常常佩戴在身上。」


In movies with futuristic special effects, characters can sometimes access computer data by simply donning a pair of glasses. With the popularisation of artificial intelligence (AI), such hi-tech glasses are no longer purely a thing of fiction. Kenny Cheung, General Manager of Solos Technology Limited, points out that for people who wear glasses, they are the item they wear for the longest time each day, so he wondered why don't we apply smart technology to glasses just as it is applied to mobile phones and smart watches.

After working in the wireless communication and micro-LED display technology industries for over 30 years, Kenny has accumulated professional experience in a wide range of areas, including digital products, mobile phones, cameras, smart watches and smart TVs. In 2019, he founded Solos®, together with a group of experienced engineers and eyewear designers, a company specialising in R&D into smart glasses. To date, Solos® has over 100 patented technologies dedicated to smart glasses under its belt. ‘What pleases me most about a new product is seeing it worn all the time,’ said Kenny.


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