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Interbike 2015 day 3 images

Interbike 2015 day 3 images - Solos Technology Limited

We noticed lots of new and clever gear and gadgets on this second day inside the Interbike show in Las Vegas. Several brand-specific features are yet to come, but for now enjoy these images.

Solos is a heads-up display that was introduced to cyclists at Interbike, but the parent company Kopin is not a new player in this arena. They make most of the fighter pilot helmet displays, and have done so for a long time.

Man wearing Solos sport smart sunglasses

The actual display is the same size as Recon, but the tiny "projector" glass stalk in front of the glasses is only 4mm tall and hardly noticeable.

Solos sport smart sunglasses

VP Components showed these very clever split cleats in their booth, available for Look and Shimano pedals. This way, the consumer can always ensure that the new cleat will be in the same position, as you only remove a section to start the swap.

Fabric gave a nice spin to the water bottle mount. This is very light and clean.

Fabric water bottle bike mount

That mount can also be attached to the back of their new triathlon saddle.

upside down fabric bike triathlon saddle

The new Fabric triathlon saddle from above features a deep groove down the center.

Fabric triathlon saddle with a deep groove down the center

redshift has a very clever dual position seat post in their program.

Fabric triathlon saddle with dual position post with seat

The redshift quick release aero extensions come off in no time at all.

The Feedback Sports Omnium trainer is meant to be easily transported, and word has it that Gwen Jorgensen uses one.

Feedback Sports Omnium trainer

When folded together, the Omnium does not take up much space.

Feedback Sports Omnium bike trainer folded up

The Compressport PROr2 calf sleeves are super light.

Compressport PROr2 calf sleeves

The Polar M450 GPS bike computer offers a lot of bang for the buck at $169.

Polar M450 GPS bike computer

American Classic updated their wheel graphics for 2016, and it really seems ready for a disc brake invasion.

American Classic wheel graphics

Sapim showed CX-Carbon aero spokes in Las Vegas. They compare at 3 grams to the popular CX-Ray 4.86 gram ones in a 288mm length.

CX-Carbon aero bike spokes

Any rim works with these Sapim carbon spokes, but a hub with larger hole openings is required, such as this EDCO one.

Sapim carbon bike spoke hub

I don't ride an electric bike often, but when I do I insist on a Vintage Electric Tracker.

Vintage Style Electric Tracker electric bike

VeloGrip offers a very clean bike storage garage solution. They also offer a more finished indoor Loft version.

VeloGrip bike storage garage solution

The Silca HX-ONE tool kit is absolutely drool-worthy.

Silca HX-ONE tool bike kit

The Silca Pocket Impero gets you about 90 psi in 200 strokes.

Silca Impero Pocket bike pump

All images © Herbert Krabel / slowtwitch.com


Source: slowtwitch.com

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