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TIME STAMPED suggested 2024 best smart glasses

TIME STAMPED suggested 2024 best smart glasses

The Ultimate Gift for Tech-Savvy Adventurer, Solos AirGo™ 3 Xeon 5 Smartglasses has been featured as one of "The Best Gifts for People Who Have Everything" by Time. These innovative smart glasses offer a range of features and applications, making them ideal for tech enthusiasts and aspiring international spies.

Here's the article from TIME STAMPED

For your true crime obsessed, amateur detective friend or family member, a pair of Solos AirGo™ 3 Xeon 5 Smart Glasses make the perfect gift. AI-powered, they allow the wearer to answer calls and texts and listen to music without looking at their phone; otherwise, in complete stealth mode. SolosTranslate provides real-time translation in over 10 languages (with more to come) for streamlined communication no matter where their sleuthing takes them.

ChatGPT integration also provides conversational AI capabilities like voice search to find the best restaurants or tourist attractions nearby. And the best part is, they look like regular glasses (prescription lenses are available), so no one will know the wearer has an AI in their ear.

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